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Can someone please explain to me what this actually means? I might be dumb, but I don’t really get it. All I really understand is that somehow these pre-fab homes will be made, brought in on a crane, and they’ll cost less for the average city-dweller. 

Click here for the article I’m talking about and in the comments, tell me what the hell this really means. LOL!

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Here are just a few things you can do to help out:

1. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth – the average person uses 2 gallons of water every time they brush and don’t turn it off
2. Use energy-efficient light bulbs – If every American home replaced just one light bulb with an ENERGY STAR qualified bulb, we would save enough energy to light more than 3 million homes for a year, more than $600 million in annual energy costs, and prevent greenhouse gases equivalent to the emissions of more than 800,000 cars.
3. Use less paper towels and use dish towels – If every household in the U.S. replaced just one roll of 180-sheet virgin-fiber paper towels with 100-percent recycled paper towels, we could save: 1.4 million trees, 3.7 million cubic feet of landfill space, and 526 million gallons of water, and prevent 89,400 pounds of pollution? (http://nationalzoo.si.edu/Publications/GreenTeam/)

Here are a few sites that are helpful:


Suggestions welcome!

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Go here to learn more and try to make a difference.  

(Yes, put down your latte’ and do it!)

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1. A single piece of spaghetti can be used as a match to light multiple candles?  If you don’t have a long match, give this a try!  
2. You can use an old tissue box (think Kleenex) to store your old grocery store bags and simply pull out as needed.
3. In 1508 Leonardo da Vinci sketched an idea for the contact lens.
4. If you are concerned about puncturing your cake with candles (not sure why one would be concerned about that), you can use a traditional Lifesaver to secure it in place on top of the dessert.  It should be a nice snug fit, and edible too! (source: REAL SIMPLE magazine, 1/2008 issue)

Check this out from www.polder.com:

The cutest little timer for the kitchen!  I want one and I don’t even cook!  Click here to get it, $14.99 won’t break you.  Well, um, I don’t think it will. 

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I was able to get the Wii Fit last week and so far, we all love it. I haven’t done the strength training yet, but I have explored many of the other games, primarily the yoga, balance exercises, and some cardio. Here I am doing the soccer game where you lean into the balls and try to avoid being hit with the shoes and the other ball-like animal thing. Of course, it’s your Wii friends that are kicking them at you. Some friends huh? 

Below is the video of me doing the Hula Hoop, and it’s actually kind of hard! You can do a more advanced version where you rotate your pelvis to the right and then to the left on the next round. Sorry about the motion sickness guys, I just wanted you to have a sense of what Wii Fit is like before you spend the dough. It’s important to note, these are just two of the exercises on the game.  


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Jar-Jar Binks and Tigz the greyhound. Which is which?

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A filmmaker I’m not, but I’ll keep trying! Below is Edna and I trying to find our way back to the cabins, via some trails – fun times.

Below is what I call “crop circles” on the beach. Minus the crops and minus the aliens. But whatever!
Watch Tigz (the greyhound) below run like the wind. Powered by a new kind of fuel called crazy. 

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According to BestLife Magazine via this MSNBC video.

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I just bought Cyndi Lauper’s new CD and it’s pretty amazing, it’s definitely geared for the clubs or the gym – it’s called Bring Ya to the Brink and I feel a huge sense of responsibility to support her because she has been so supportive of the GLBT community. Click the link above and give her your support. 

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Just got back last night from the ocean (Long Beach, WA), and it was a great time – nice and relaxing with good company! The weather was fairly nice for ocean weather. We rode bikes every day and now that I have my toe clips, it makes a huge difference. I think all of the riding might have almost circumvented weight gain, but I am not so sure. The Wii Fit tells me I’m fatter. Oy vey!

Anyway, we took the dogs to the ocean and let them run free, we had dinner with an artist friend that we’ve developed a relationship with, and we were able to get some art while we were there – the trio of pieces were things she created for us, based on conversations we had with her, our family aspirations, the aesthetics that speak to us, etc. We love them, they’re simple yet not, and they’re reverse-painted on glass. Here is a pic of those. 

Here is a pic of a simple piece that speaks a lot to me, particularly to how I felt as a little boy but certainly how any childhood could be, forks in the road, which path should one take, which path can someone be steered towards. Excuse my photo of it, but it has the embossed word “IF” below it. It also makes me think of JFK Jr. and how his childhood innocence was taken away. 

Each night we played games like 5 Crowns, Milbournes, and I can’t remember what else. I won, of course, although some people might argue that!  We had drinks, shots of Hot Damn, pizza, sandwiches, everything you can think of. 
Above is a pic of a house in the neighborhood that I just love, we actually have a print of it here in our house, something about all of the windows that I just adore. 
In the photo above to the left are Edna, Tigz, and Frida – she is the sweetest little dog and is deaf, but she had fun too! There’s also a human in the pic too, we shall call him/her “Cary”. The pics next to that is of one of the cabins we stayed in – small but sweet. 
I’ll have more pics to post once I can get “release forms” filled out by our guests. I was told not to post any pics without permission, ha!

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