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Wii Fit and Wii Sports – Smack My B*tch Up

Enjoy this Flip video set to the music of Prodigy. 

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George and Kim Brace were pioneers in 1996 when they moved from Medina into a downtown Bellevue high-rise.

“For the first four years, we were the only people on our floor,” George Brace, 67, said. “Downtown living just wasn’t the thing to do.”

The Braces liked the view, the convenience of condominium living and being able to walk to downtown amenities such as restaurants and movie theaters. These days, they have more and more attractions to walk to and many more fellow residents with whom to walk.

“Downtown Bellevue has, relatively speaking, come alive in the past few years,” Brace said.
With 2 million square feet of offices, 403,000 square feet of retail and commercial space, and 3,300 apartments and condominiums under construction right now, Bellevue is shedding its traditional role as Seattle’s demure younger sibling.

Businesses are moving there to be closer to Eastside employees, and residents see it as getting the urban experience without the Seattle edginess. But some longtime residents do not like what they see the city becoming. Meanwhile, the uncertain financial climate nationally might spell trouble for some development plans.

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Typically in June, the temperature would be up to 68 degrees, I knew it was colder than normal, that explains my grouchiness! Yeah, that’s it.

Floridian Teresa Speed knew Seattle might be cold Friday because she checked the weather forecast before arriving for her Alaskan cruise.

But the chilly, rainy and overcast Friday prompted her and her friends to quickly pop up jacket hoods and head to a waterfront restaurant hours after they showed up.

“We want to get chowder and cocktails to warm up,” joked Speed, a Cocoa Beach resident.

Was it June or Jarch? Is that the summer or winter solstice two weeks away?

After all, Friday’s rain, cloudy skies and chilly breezes capped a week of unusually cold weather for, gulp, the first week of June. The temperature got all the way to an October-like 54.

In the mountains, snow was falling as if winter never left.

The weather was so odd that carving Halloween pumpkins might have been more fitting, given the fall colors and cold-weather gear spotted on Seattle’s streets.

“We’re up here for the nostalgia of winter,” said Charles Goodman, a tourist from Northern California.

This week, his hometown of Cupertino lavished in 75-degree, sun-filled days, he said.

In contrast, people in Seattle saw temperatures never get any higher than 62 degrees. And that was way back on Monday.

Here’s more of the associated article. 

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Flip Video Mino Takes Aim at the Cool Set

When Pure Digital Technologies Inc. introduced its Flip point-and-shoot camcorder a year ago, it dramatically simplified video recording. The Flip measured the size of a small digital still camera, cost less than $150 and its videos could be emailed in one quick process. Consumers gobbled up the tiny, nonintimidating device. 

But to the style-conscious set, the Flip looked like a clunky Fisher-Price toy — especially when compared with a sleek, new iPod or more-sophisticated digital cameras — and was too thick to comfortably slip into a pocket. Last fall, Pure Digital introduced an enhanced version: the Flip Video Ultra, but its biggest aesthetic difference was new orange, pink and green colors.

Today, the company will begin sales of its $180 Flip Video Mino (pronounced “minnow”), the hippest offering yet from Pure Digital. This 60-minute Flip includes many firsts for the company: rechargeable batteries; touch-sensitive buttons rather than old-school, push-down buttons; and a thinner build that measures 40% smaller, overall. The Flip Mino is also the first one in the family to enable publishing to MySpace (NWS); prior software limited Web-site sharing to YouTube (GOOG) and AOL (TWX) Video.

I’ve been using a glossy, black Flip Mino (it also comes in white) for the past two weeks and it looks much cooler than older models. Its newly positioned USB adapter pops up from the top of the camera like something from a Swiss Army Knife. The Mino offers features such as the ability to lock the delete button, so no one accidentally deletes your videos, and mute all camera sounds, so as to record silently during quiet moments like wedding ceremonies or speeches. Click here for the rest of the Wall Street Journal article

Mine, along with the action attachment so I can attach it to my bike, and the tripod, was shipped today, so stay tuned!

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