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A Note From Barack Obama

If you live in Washington, take note:

Obama for America
Dear Hottie McHot,  

You can change politics in this country at every level — up and down the ballot.

Our records show that you live in Washington’s 7th district.

There are candidates in Washington who are working to bring the change this country needs. Get involved and help carry them to victory in November.

    Governor Christine Gregoire for Governor:
    Visit the website

    Congressman Jim McDermott for Congress:
    Visit the website

Don’t wait until Election Day to support these candidates. Get involved today to make sure Washington has a strong team to take our country in a new direction.


Obama for America

P.S. — To get involved with Obama for America in your community, visit your state page:


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Extra Biscuits, Please

Asking for “Extra Biscuits” used to get the job done at a Church’s Chicken drive through that I used to know about in Alabama. 

It has happened again, and I’m never surprised at how many of these news stories continue to pop up from time to time. 

Congratulations DelTaco – your part of the club now too!

Actually, the couple that unsuspectingly ordered “Extra Biscuits” in Alabama didn’t find the sticky, but instead had a few pearls that Whitney & Bobby B would have loved!

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Pink’s Latest Vid – “So What”

Catch the ex-hubby Carey Hart, how cool is it for him to be in the vid? Love him, love her, love the vid.

The video is directed by Dave Meyers and is the first release from the singer’s fifth studio album ‘Funhouse’, out October 28th via LaFace Records. Buy the release on Tuesday, THIS TUESDAY. Watch it after the jump. 
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Awww Yeah, Kitty Smell Be-Gone

Bionaire has called this the finest odor-fighting litter box on the planet – you turn it on and it filters out the odors, continuously keeping it smelling fresh. 

I doubt it’s truly FRESH but less-offensive for sure. And it’s out now!

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Amazon Kindle Is Oprah’s Favorite New Thing

When I first heard of the Amazon Kindle a while back, I was skeptical – I figured it would be another feeble attempt to convert books to some sort of handheld device and like I often do with books, it would soon be tossed onto a shelf to be displayed as “art”. However, I watched Oprah the other day and because of the clear demo, it made me want one! Not because Oprah endorsed it (even though I wouldn’t be ashamed if it were) but rather, because it was just a clear opportunity for me to understand the features and it did help to have an actual “professional reader’s” perspective. While it is expensive ($359), a book that is normally $25 will most likely only cost $9.99 and if you’re a voracious reader, that will pay off in no-time, not to mention the positive eco-impact. 

Oh yeah, two things to note: If you go to Oprah’s site you can get a discount code for the next several days that I guess will save you $50 and also (rumor-alert!), I’m hearing a new version might be released next year. 

After the jump, check out the Product Overview that might answer some questions but before you do, watch this video.

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Tracy Chapman ‘Sings For You’

Tracy Chapman recently had a single release and it’s called “Sing for You” and it’s just the sweetest song. She’s always been a favorite of mine with her combination of folk and soul-baring poetry, all wrapped up with a beautiful melody. 

After doing a little bit of digging, I found that she will have a new release called “Our Bright Future” (pre-order by clicking the link) that is available November 10th (Europe) and November 11th (US). Go here for more information on Tracy, including her upcoming tour. 

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The Dog Bit My {Hot Pocket}!

It isn’t often that we hear about a vagina biting Chihuahua, but this morning I learned there is one in California that also bites the penis of the owners Labrador. I don’t know who to feel sorry for, the dog owner, the dog or the innocent victim. Perhaps there’s a reason the dog bites her vajayjay… because she’s crazy!

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Watch The Yesterday Girls

I dare you to not laugh, particularly in the beginning – if you’ve ever had a “partying” friend, this will ring true – trust. Watch it here.

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Granny Calls Wal-Mart

And they get into it something crazy, have a listen.

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I Think I Could!

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The Golden Girls Do Sex and the City

Check it here, since I can’t embed it. 

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Anouk – “Lost” Music Video

Beautiful song, and a beautiful video. I want to have lights floating in my boudoir, wouldn’t that be splendid?

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I Got Served

A new world record was set this weekend with a bunch of people paying tribute to Michael Jackson’s 25th Anniversary of Thriller. 
Have a few minutes and want to see more?  Continue reading

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Pink – Who Knew Live – I’m Not Dead Tour DVD

Love this, check out the end with the background singers, they are bustin’ it out from the 2:30 mark. Coolest backup singers EVER.

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Can You Click the Ball?

Apparently the ball will change colors if you click on it, but I was unsuccessful at first try. Have a go!

Click here to give it a whirl.

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