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“Condoleezza Rice” Lets Loose On MadTV

And we’re laughing because of it – check out this clip from MadTV, I love it. Watch for “the robot”. LMAO!

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Have a Seat – You Should Be Fine

Many people are afraid of germs, particularly in public restrooms. Now, this topic might seem somewhat gross but you know it’s true. If you HAVE to go, and you know what I’m talking about, a public restroom might be your only option. Most people probably look at the toilet in slow-motion and imagine what the hell they’re going to catch if they sit down on it. Anyway, according to one study, the toilet seat is the cleanest location in the entire bathroom, holding only about 49 bacteria per square inch. To give you a point of reference, an office telephone has about 25,000 per square inch. The sinks and the levers at the sink is actually the dirtiest of them all, so use a paper towel as much as you can when closing up your zipper and making your way to the exit door, including ON the exit door. Wash your hands frequently, keep an anti-bacterial at your desk, whatever. Good luck and happy germ busting.

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Ronna and Bev Interview a Lesbian

I love these women, it’s like Coffee Talk 2. “Do lesbians have brunch?” Classic!

Ronna and Bev Interview a Lesbian on FunnyOrDie.com

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And I Run, I Run So Far Away…

Have you ever wondered how far you’re running but you don’t have a podometer or any other device. Or more importantly, do you ever run out of ideas about where to run and could maybe use some help mapping your run? No, me neither – I don’t even like to run to the bus even if it’s the last one of the morning. Now, attach a giant pop-tart and a $100 to a string and you might see me run.  

For those that do love to run, here’s a site to do it! MAP YOUR RUN! (sounds like a game show huh?)

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Awwww Hell!

This is funny as hell, I think Ty almost got the wind knocked out of him. Little did she know that in a rare twist on the Extreme Home Makeover show, they were there to only give her family a pass to Six Flags. Oops. (I jest)

Watch after the jump. Continue reading

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Is It Too Early For A Black Friday Strategy?

We all know that due to the current economic situation that there are going to be ‘deep discounts’ to lure the few rupples remaining in your change purse to relocate. 

Is it too early to start planning for the Black Friday mayhem?  If you’re like me and are addicted to the excitement of arriving somewhere at midnight and waiting like a lemming until they open at 5AM then you may like to add this site to your favorites:  theblackfriday.com

Pay close attention to the ‘Today’s Black Friday Like Deals’ b/c that’s where you are going to see the items that are going to be hot this year.  Currently, they have a good deal on a Blu-ray DVD player

The gamble – will it only get cheaper the closer we get to Christmas?

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TWA – Welcome Back (ADULTS ONLY)

The Sexiest In-Flight Ad Ever.

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Simple vs Complex Carbs

Many of us are always trying to lean down, cut out the fat, show the abs, etc.  Anyone who doesn’t or isn’t is probably not being truthful. But overall, the idea of how to get there is daunting.  Eat no carbs, eat low-carb, count calories, work out, should I use weights or do cardio, how much water should I drink, should I eat less meals or more meals, on and on and on. Let’s start simple, or complex as it were. What is the difference between simple carbs and complex carbs? Continue reading

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Scary Movie – The Best of Brenda (and the movie too)

Brenda is THE BOMB. Funny as hell, and everything she says is hysterical.

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Another Classic – The Weatherman and the Cockroach

 Or watch here. If you’re feeling down, you won’t after this classic funny.

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So Cute – I Want One!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Warning: Foul and Sinful Language

The use of the N word might end a porn star’s career, from the Onion News Network. Another industry with a black mark (no pun intended) against it, the porn industry. How could they? hehe

Click here, and laugh.

There’s filthy, underbelly-speak all over of this thing, and I love it! (I should’ve posted the video, but I truly don’t want to offend anyone)

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An All-Time Classic – LaShonda Reed and Her Cable!

You gotta click this link.
(You need Real Player to hear it, but it’s worth it) 

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Smoking Chimp

Or click here.

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Nine Inch Nails Have “The Perfect Drug”

Directed by Mark Romanek, and he has directed some of the best videos ever. His imagery, lighting, speed of the shots, everything – phenomenal!
or click here.

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