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Attention Dave Annable Fans (Justin Walker)

Earlier I posted something about Brothers and Sisters and a few friends felt some passion for him. Felt. Passion. Uh huh! In the interest of hotness, I decided to post something for you Dave Annable fans out there. 


Click here for some more Monday hotness.

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Steal This: Waterwall Design

Take 50 used Voss Water Bottles (or any kind of glass container), add some decorative grass or flowers or whatever you choose, shelve them in a western-facing window, and you have a beautiful and green display. The water inside the bottles acts as thermal mass, absorbing and storing incoming heat and then releasing it after the sun has set. Cooling in the day, warming in the evening.

I love it! I wonder how long it would take if I use vodka bottles here at the house. More instructions on the shelving are available by clicking the link below.  (Source)

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Not Yo Momma’s Hip Hop (Pt. 2) – Bow Wow & Soulja Boy

What The Hell Is Bow Wow Wearing? 

“The Question Is Rhetorical!”

Want to see what Lite Brite over here looks like in motion?

There’s more after the jump…

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Free Kanye Merch!

I could never justify actually purchasing a pair of Kanye’s Shades, but that’s all changed now that I’ve got the power to earn Swag Bucks by using Weezy’s new Search Engine (checkitout). 

Ignore the part about making it your home page, b/c you are already earning AViewOfTheC Credits by having us as your home page.  Instead, use the site to search, shop, refer (not reefer – sorry), etc and you can earn free merch too!

I already have 3 Swag Bucks and crappy stuff is available with as little as 6 Swag Bucks – “Whoop Whoop!”

Have a Kanye fan in your family and want to save a few dollars during the holidays….? 

Have a non-Kanye fan in your family and want to give them something that they will ultimately let you keep later….?

Have fun chasin’ that paper!

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Dr. Erica Hahn Checks Out of ‘Grey’s’

Say goodbye to another character in prime time, this time it’s Grey’s Anatomy’s Dr. Erica Hahn. According to Entertainment Weekly, ABC wasn’t too fond of the direction of Dr. Erica Hahn (Brooke Smith) and the relationship she was having with Callie (Sara Ramirez). The most startling part about it? This Thursday is her final episode. WOW.

Check out this interview on EW.com where she talks about how it all went down.

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Revenge Is Sweet

Click here for the video of the woman denying candy to any non-McCain supporters. Um, they are children are they not? 

Here are my ideas for her:

  1. No Little Debbie snacks for a year. (mmmmmm, I’ll have hers!) (How is she Little anyway?)
  2. Limit cable access to only FOX News.
  3. If there’s another stimulus check, instead of a check, she should only get a gift certificate to Wal-Mart. 
  4. Any of those little kids should not have to hold the door for her in any public setting.
  5. She should carry her own groceries from the grocery store to her car.
  6. When people see her they should jump back in fear, stating their reason for doing so as being, “You’re scary”. 

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Election 2008 – Latest Results

From Real Clear Politics, here are the latest poll numbers and it’s important to note the 270 Electoral Votes are needed to win. Head over there for ongoing updates. 

Obama/Biden 278

 228 Solid     50 Leaning

McCain/Palin 132

 118 Solid     14 Leaning

Toss Up 128

 128 Toss Up

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A Formal Expression of a Wish (a.k.a VOTE)

Who do you wish for to win? The Tin Man or the Scarecrow? We all know Dorothy is crazy.

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When ‘Brothers and Sisters’ Get TOO Close

I try not to watch ABC’s Brothers and Sisters because frankly, I think they’re all a bunch of nutbags. I mean, from the mother on down, they’re all so full of self-created drama, I can hardly stand it. When I first caught a glimpse of the show (I was catching it out of the corner of my eye in bed), I thought, “Well, that’s kind of a sweet show, a little melodramatic but poignant.” But then it started going into silly territory, this one’s dating that one, this one’s firing that one, are those people ever happy? I mean, I realize they have to focus on a finite number of people but are they the last humans on the planet and therefore, must only interact with one another? 

The biggest offense for me, and I wonder if I’m alone here, is how Rebecca Harper (Emily VanCamp) and Justin Walker (Dave Annable) have turned their once “Like, OMG, you’re my sister from my Dad’s cheating days” to “Like, OMG, I’m so glad you’re not my sister so I can slam you like a screen door in a hurricane”. I mean, the whole story arch was to build acceptance into their family while dealing with the fact that the father had an affair. But wait, after we accept you and welcome you into our village called Crazy Town, we’ll find out that it was all for no reason because you were another guy’s kid. I’ll leave the whole ho judgement of the Mom (Holly) out for now. 

(The sick non-siblings)

Anyway, does anyone else think it’s weird that they’re humping? Humping a relative, blood or not, is nasty bad, not nasty good.

Note: I’ve just now be instructed to “NOT WATCH IT THEN!”  hahahaha

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Where Do Eggs Come From?

I grew up playing at the park and riding my bike, so my “farm life” education is poor, but today I learned all about the Chicken and the Egg!

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Evolution’s Burden of 80 Proof

Vodpod videos no longer available.  There’s nothing quite like a drunk monkey!

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Common + N.E.R.D ≠ Yo Momma’s Hip Hop (Pt. 1)

Bravo, Bravo, BET!  What a progressive step to feature Common & N.E.R.D. at this year’s Hip Hop Awards.  If you should watch the vid, check out Weezy krunkin’ it to the sounds of succession.

In all seriousness, a shout out and condolensces to Shakir Stewart’s family.

(See Part 2)

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