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SMOKIN HOT – Kanye’s Heartless Video

WOW – What an amazing music video! Like most things of top notch quality, it was made in Hong Kong.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Here’s an excerpt from Mr. West’s site on how they put it together:

This video was rotoscoped.  We recorded real people and then had 65 animators in Hong Kong hand draw over every cell.  Inspired by the movie “American Pop”.

Personally, I think the cinema of the video is very similar to that of Bebe’s Kids – which is fine b/c that was a classic movie in 1992.  Additionally, let me be the first one to say that ol’ rotoscoped girl with the teal lips is fine as hell!


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Countdown To Madonna!

Here I sit at Emeril’s trying to contain my excitement while we scarf a quick bite down with just about 45 minutes until showtime, although it’s likely to start a bit late.

My first time seeing her in concert since being a childhood fan, and it’s certainly my biggest concert ever and certainly never with such amazing seats! I’m trying to contain my excitement which is why I can and almost have to write this to remain focused.

Time goes by, so slowly…

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Samantha Ronson Wears Pink!

Here’s a vid of Sam’s original work before she was known as the girl carpet munching Lindsay Lohan.  Maybe you remember, but back in the day she was more acoustically oriented and the first rock performer signed to Rock-A-Fella Records.  I think she looked really good back then.

Honestly, Mean Girls is one of my guilty pleasures in that whenever it’s on TBS and I have absolutely nothing better to do, I let it fill the void in my life that I normally ascribe to muzak while I wash dishes.  So, as far as youtube songs that are edited through and through, I thought this was a decent one.

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Katt’s Back

katt-williamsAfter being a no show for Conan O’Brien this week and creating a B-List Amber Alert, Katt Williams was finally located. 

While I was certain he’d gone through a meltdown like Martin Lawrence or Dave Chapelle, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that he was only in jail. 

Katt was arrested for diving without a license and possessing numerous hand guns.  I guess comedy is tough these days.

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Madonna Hits Sin City


Last night Madonna hit Las Vegas for her first of two shows at the MGM Grand Garden Arena – and I guess Perez got to meet her, so watch this video if you can stand him. I think he tries to be sweet and probably is, but I could only make it through half the vid without shutting the volume way down. 

In the meantime, click here if you want to see a photo gallery from the show. 

Did anyone catch last night’s show? I would love to hear your review of the show – tonight’s my night to see her, so I’ll be posting mine. 

Keep reading to see a video of the “rave” section of the show last night. Continue reading

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Your Lingerie Makes Me Feel Fat!

Here’s the skinny, men who check out sexy female models in magazine ads have more body image problems than those who don’t.  Interesting – Check Out The Study


Personally, I think that’s crazy but maybe you think otherwise; let’s open it up for discussion.

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Mormon Thievery

Much has been voiced about the discrimination of the approval of Proposition 8 in California, but maybe you’re like me and were really surprised the vote came down to such a close percentage spread. 

Since then, I’ve been wondering how could it have passed…?  Here’s an interesting theory, Mormon Thievery & Oppression.

In short, the site above summarizes the efforts of the Mormon Church to lead a feet on the street, propaganda, and fear based campaign to sway voters to pass Prop 8.  (Additionally, the site goes on into explaining the positioning, history, and agenda of the Mormon Church, which I always think is good info to review from time to time, so I know who it is that is knocking on my door, riding around my neighborhood on a bike, etc.)

Controversy without recourse…?  NO!  According to the IRS, groups such as the Mormon Church can lose their tax exempt status if they participate in the actions, summarized above. 

If you’re a California resident, there’s an online petition that you can use to express your support for rallying to amend the tax laws towards the Mormon Church.  If you’re not a CA resident then keep an eye out for similar efforts in your area. 

Finally, if you haven’t already seen enough on this subject, there are a few interesting videos for you after the jump.

Continue reading

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Fashion Is Painful And Vegas Claims Another

Vegas can get the best of us, I mean, not me but others. Mom, is that you?


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