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Public Service Announcements – Nicely Said!

Knowing truly is half the battle – thank you PSAs!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Al Gore Has A 5-Step Program


Check out the below elements of Al Gore’s suggested plan for the Federal Government to make the U.S. electricity system carbon-free in the next 10 years. He also wrote a great Op-Ed piece in the NY Times, have a look at it here

The five elements of the plan are:

  • Incentives for construction of concentrating solar-thermal power plants in the southwest, wind farms in the Midwest, and plants in geothermal “hot spots.”
  • A $400 billion investment over 10 years to build a “national smart grid” to distribute renewable energy, which he said would quickly offset the annual $120 billion loss from power grid failures. The power grid can be outfitted so that consumers have better tools and information for conserving energy.
  • Aid to automakers to convert to the production of plug-in hybrids. Smart-grid technology that enables the cars to be charged during off-peak hours.
  • A nationwide effort to retrofit buildings, which account for 40 percent of carbon dioxide emissions, to be more energy-efficient.
  • Climate regulations to cap carbon dioxide emissions.

Gore also argued that alternative fossil fuel technologies–notably so-called clean coal, where carbon dioxide emissions are stored underground–are not yet viable options. (source)

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I Am Equal To You – Let’s Fight Prop 8

Be part of the next Civil Rights Movement, be part of history.  Join the National Protest / March for Equality on November 15th to fight Prop 8!

Date: Saturday, November 15, 2008

Location: Your City Hall – Check the site for locations

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS! Now is your chance to be a “community organizer”! Go to the website and post if you are willing to volunteer to help get out the word in your city. We need 3 or 4 dedicated volunteers in each town to contact the clubs and organizations in your area and to print/distribute flyers to get a turnout in your town.

This is not a California issue. This is an issue of equality across America. Stand up and make your voice heard. Visit the website www.jointheimpact.com. Continue reading

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Change We Should Have A Problem Believing In

2012 – Tracy Morgan & Dot Com!


Check out an interview with Dot Com including a cameo by Tracy Morgan!

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Dr. Martens – Still Cool…?

Apparently, they are still hot in London, but I can’t remember the last time I saw someone sporting a new pair in the states.  Maybe, if they were tropical fruit loop colors then I’d recognize them and hop on the bandwagon….


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One of the Hottest Pics Ever

Matthew McConaughey is a cool guy, but how can he seem so stoned all the time and still have such a hot-assed body? I mean, the munchies alone! As usual I digress, so enjoy what I think is one of the hottest pics ever.

Additionally, you can always go here and check out what is an interesting conversation about what he’s packin’, and I don’t think they’re talking about for a trip. Well, unless it’s a trip down the hot pocket aisle, if you know what I’m talkin’ about! He’s what many would consider “balls-deep worthy”. 


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A Beautiful Thing – Go Silverton!

Check this video out of Stu Rasmussen, who is the re-elected mayor of Silverton, OR and is also Dlisted “Hot Slut of the Week“. Previously Mayor as a he and is now going to be Mayor as a she, Stu is the first openly transexual Mayor. And I say, that’s AWESOME – what a cool-assed town. 

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Speaking of Pink Interviews…


I guess she was doing an interview in New Zealand that went really really badly and she ended up walking off, and it might cost the interviewer her job. Read on:

A TVNZ investigation into an incident between One News’ Australian correspondent Hannah Hodson and pop sensation Pink’s management may cost the reporter her job, the journalist’s colleagues fear.

Sunday News has been told the interview, at Sydney’s swanky InterContinental Hotel on Thursday, was “so bad” Pink walked out, and that afterwards her management tried to forcefully remove the interview tape from TVNZ’s camera, sparking an ugly confrontation. Continue reading

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Drew Barrymore Supports The Gays, And I Love Her For It

I was listening to a Pink interview and she once described Drew Barrymore as “one of the special ones” and I think that’s the common sentiment throughout Hollywood – and it won’t be disputed by me anytime soon. 

Here she is vowing to help fight the passing of Proposition 8. 

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Katy Perry Hits The Road

katy-perryThis just in: Katy Perry is hitting the road for the very first time and hopefully she’ll get to “Kiss a girl (or ten) and really like it”. Continue reading to see the full list of tour dates. Sign me up! Continue reading

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Blood Diamonds >>> “Add To Cart”

There’s obviously some grey area involved with a newly promoted site auctioning materials picked up from police confiscation.  The site promises good deals, ‘Hot Pursuit Specials’, and potentially the opportunity to find the lamp that was stolen by that crackhead two years ago. 

prop1 prop3 prop2

So far, I’ve seen pretty good deals on snowmobiles, iPods, and a VW Jetta.  Generally speaking, I’m not overly superstitious about materialistic items, but in this case I just don’t know if I could shake the stigma of a new rolex that would constantly remind me of The Wire on HBO.

Happy Shopping & Stay On The Grind!

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Joe Scarborough Drops An F-Bomb!

Freudian slip or a subconscious outburst of passive aggressiveness?  You decide!

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