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This Thong Of Mine…

Have a quick minute and want to read through one of those funny stories that could happen to any one?  It’s an award winning, ‘brief’ short story from a buddy of mine and also gives you a reason to flashback to 2001 when you couldn’t do anything without bumpin to that “thong th thong thong thong.”

My Thong Flies First Class

This (lady)buddy of mine, who travels frequently and sometimes doesn’t have time to even unpack, was staying in a hotel, returning from a long trip and the night before had thrown her clothes on her bag to be re-worn (yes illegal re-wear here). Early the next morning she threw her clothes back on and trudged to the airport. She got on the plane and they took off.

To add insult to injury, someone had left a dirty thong on the floor of the airplane in front of her. She tried to kick it out the way and commented to the person flying with her how disgusting it is. She kept glancing at the thong throughout the flight in sheer disgust. About half way through the flight the cobwebs are starting to clear and she notices that the thong looks familiar. “I have a pair like that” she thinks to herself. Then the slow, dawning horror, “I have a pair just like that…..and I was wearing them yesterday.” Suddenly she realizes that when she threw her jeans back on that morning the thong was still in the pants. And apparently it had worked it’s way down her leg and fell out the bottom. Thus came the dilemna. Does she try to get them back? What about the stink she made because they were there in the first place? Can anyone in anyway connect her to said thong? Did anyone see it hanging out the bottom of her pants? In the end she decided she can not take the chance of getting caught and having a flight attendent chase her down the runway waving the thong. She stared at it uneasily for the rest of the flight. When everyone was packing up at the end of the flight, she snatched up the thong and shoved it in her bag. Of course she had to really stretch for it after having kicked it out the way. I make a case for no illegal re-wears here.

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