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Will Izzie Be The Next One To Leave Grey’s Anatomy?


Is Izzie Stevens on the way out of Seattle Grace?  I think she may be, and wouldn’t that be a real shocker and way to capitalize on an already dramatic season of cast members coming and going?  The last few weeks she’s been seeing, conversing among, and grasping at the embodiment of her beau Denny (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).  In this week’s episode it looks like she’s going to take things to a ‘whole nutha level’ with some Ghastly Freakie-Deekieness. 

Is it too much of a stretch to forecast that Izzie is going to be found out for her delusions, receive a psych eval, and gracefully dip out of Seattle Grace all together?  Has Katherine Heigl grown to such notoriety that she can proceed without her Grey’s Anatomy umbrella? 

Related HG: Janina Gavankar is leaving the show after a dismal peek-a-boo performance as an intern.  If you blinked or were too ambitious with your TiVo then you probably missed her. 

Thoughts…?   Alternative Theories…?  Share!

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  1. My theory is that Izzie is going to die, since Denny keeps saying “I’m here for you.” I take that to mean that she’s going to join him for eternity!

    Comment by Michelle Elder | November 25, 2008

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