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Attention ‘Twilight’ Fans

twilightThe critics are speaking and it’s a seemingly mixed bag – but what do YOU think if you’ve seen the movie. I want to know. Will the negative reviews deter you?

Check out Rotten Tomatoes if you want to read some reviews. So far this is what they have for the movie:

Reviews Counted: 79

Fresh: 35


Average Rating: 5.4/10

Consensus: Having lost much of its bite transitioning to the big screen, Twilight will please its devoted fans, but do little for the uninitiated.


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  1. It was the first time I seen a vampire movie but I did not realize it was a vampire movie.
    So lovable it was. The way it flows I do run with the time and story. Half measured by my self when first saw trailer but now I recommend it to any youngster because Twilight have so much to do with young hearts. http://www.80millionmoviesfree.com is where I took and movie lovers love this too.

    Comment by libirano | November 21, 2008

  2. […] had make a silly title, isn’t that how it’s done? Anyway, people ignored the so-so reviews of Twilight and catapulted it to the top of the Box […]

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  3. Please respect their choices, even though you want another actor/ actress to play a role… Just think about the hard work and time they acted for.

    If you want another actor/ actress to play a role, you could advice it politely, so please don’t be rude…

    When we work together, nothing would go wrong…

    If you were offended, please accept my humble apologies… I’m just here as a friend to correct the mistakes of others peacefully. I hope by doing the right thing, I could lead a good example to everyone…

    Comment by Diane | November 30, 2008

  4. Huh?

    Comment by aviewofthec | November 30, 2008

  5. I personally thought this movie totally sucked. Me and my friend were close to getting kicked out of the theater because we were laughing so hard at the pure ridiculousness of the entire movie. Edward was an idiot. Bella never changed her facial expression. Jasper…I don’t even know what the hell that was. It was just terrible acting throughout the entire movie. Okay for instance, what the hell was wrong with Edward when Bella walked through the classroom door? He looked like he was constipated! I know he was supposed to be surprised and angry and all, but seriously now, that was just terrible acting on Rob’s part. And where did Bella’s whole lullaby go? Bella was never really aware that he composed a song for her! It was a disgustingly painful sing to listen to anyway I have to say I would not want to hear that if I was her. And don’t even get me started on Edward’s “sparkling” in the sun. I didn’t even know there was something to be looking at I just thought there was something wrong with the theater screen or something! It was just overall, absolutely terrible and everyone involved in the making of that movie had to have known it.

    Comment by anonymous | December 1, 2008

  6. this film, as the book (indeeed, all 4) its painfull to me. do u know why?!
    ’cause it is the worst vampire story EVER made. The autor should be ashamed

    Comment by me | December 8, 2008

  7. Look people.!! When Edward was waiting in class, he was freaked out because the smell of Bella’s blood was so potent.!! Duh.!! And if you couldn’t see how breath-taking Edward was when he sparkled in the sunlight, then I think it’s time for you to take a trip to the eye-doctor.!! And you people who leave comments are just plain dumb.!! I mean, come on.!! You can’t even spell correctly.!! Have you even read Twilight.?? No.!! That’s why you don’t understand.!! So, why don’t you do me a favor.?? Stop trashing Twilight.!! I accept that the movie wasn’t the best, but that doesn’t mean that you have to trash it ’cause you have nothing better to do in your poor, pathetic lives.!!

    P.S.: ANONYMOUS, Bella’s face was fine.!! I bet you it’s yours thats not.!! Lolz.!!
    Oh, and if you thought the movie was so bad, why did you even take the time to
    write such a long, misinformed, and boring comment.?? Lolz.!!

    Comment by tmedward01 | February 2, 2009

  8. A Cinderella-complex story with a vampire Prince-Charming. Truly archetypal. We who live in the 21st century should be ashamed of this ancient stuff.

    Comment by Moonshadow | February 7, 2009

  9. i eat poo .

    Comment by Lauraa | October 14, 2009

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