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Best Gift Ever!!!

bodum_travel_press1You can thank me later but I’ve found what is likely to be the best gift you can possibly find this holiday season.  The Bodum Travel French Press is functional, environmental, affordable, and thoughtful!!! 

If you’ve never tried a french press for your morning brew then I recommend that you pick up one for yourself.  I’ve even tried stank-ol-Foldgers in a french press before and I would have sworn I was drinking the smoothest thing ever.  

I did the leg work for you and the cheapest place to find this item is at Amazon.com (Approx $14 including tax & shipping).  Just be sure you pay attention to the shipping estimate because they appear to be in demand and some of the delivery estimates are weeks rather than days.

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  1. i like stankish coffee! i like my coffee to taste like it’s been on the burner for a month, gives it a nice caramely body!

    Comment by Mar | November 24, 2008

  2. You know I’ve served some Krunchy Koffee before, hence my date rape drug-like awareness for fresh coffee. I’ve got to see it being made, not on the burner, and preferrably right out of the drip-dropper.

    Comment by dubyabejay | November 24, 2008

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