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Clubbing + Guns = No Fun


When I’m getting ready to go to a club I go through quite an extensive process. 

  1. Tooth brushed – check (yes, I said tooth)
  2. Shirt pressed – check (sometimes)
  3. Jeans fit well – check (usually)
  4. Cologne in all the right places – double-check (Oh yeah, and I’m including south of my border)
  5. Wallet – check (even if it’s empty, I might as well bring it – ain’t no saying I won’t be earning money that night, otay!)
  6. Keys – duh, check (I can’t exactly teleport myself there, hello)
  7. Gum – check
  8. Chapstick – check, depends on availability of space in number 3 above
  9. Jacket in case it’s cold – check

No place on my list is a FUCKING GUN. What is wrong with people?

Check this story on TMZ about NY Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress and his accidental self-shooting. I just don’t understand why guns are that readily available and even moreso, why you would want to go to a club if a gun is actually needed! Can’t have no fun on the dance floor with a gun in your pocket – not to mention it’s totally false advertising IYKWIM!


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