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Foreclosure + Homeless = Win Win?

In various parts of the United States, people like activist Max Rameau in Miami are moving homeless people into foreclosed homes. In Cleveland, the homeless are being allowed to move into broken down and abandoned homes to fix them up and to have a roof over their heads. In Atlanta, property owners are actually paying homeless to live in their homes for security reasons.

What are your thoughts on this? My thoughts are that as long as it’s being done in a systematic way and being monitored, I’m all for it. There’s no reason empty houses should be remaining while we still have homeless on the street. Like this article says, everyone deserves a home. Now, this can’t be the long-term solution, the government and banks still should be working with people at risk of foreclosure so that the number of empty houses doesn’t increase or else we’ll have more homeless people and more debt will rest on the banks’ poor credit assessments. And that is exactly why our housing situation is suffering and why so many people are getting laid off from banks, like me! 

So, what do you think of this somewhat “renegade” effort?


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