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Sylar Likes the Sauna – Don’t We All?

Before he was scary and evil on Heroes, Zachary Quinto was on So NoTORIous. He played the obligatory gay best friend to Tori Spelling and was adorable, so check out the video down below.

Next he plays Dr. Spock in the new Star Trek film, confirming that he’s an actor going for range. His eyebrows, however, would like to live a quiet life on a farm. 

Oh yeah, don’t forget to “Pick Your Petrelli” by voting for your favorite.

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  1. God! I miss So NoTORIous! Sass was the best! I will never take him seriously as Sylar!

    “Sasan: And by “gay,” you mean fun and merry.
    Tina: No, I mean lame and retarded”

    Comment by Mar | December 3, 2008

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