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Barbie and Bratz Throwdown Update


    Barbie throws down with Bratz  bratz

This is kind of an odd thing for me to write about, true dat. However, I find it interesting and of course slightly funny that a judge has practically killed the Bratz line of dolls because the creator of Bratz (Carter Bryant) came up with concept while working for Mattel. He tried to pitch to Mattel and they didn’t have interest, so he sold them to MGA. What this basically means is that when Bratz started cutting into Barbie’s cookie jar, Mattel had the claim of intellectual property. 

Well, now a federal judge has ruled that in short, Toy giant Mattel Inc., after a four-year legal dispute with MGA Entertainment Inc., MGA is banned from making and selling its pouty-lipped and hugely popular Bratz dolls.

“It’s a pretty sweeping victory,” Mattel attorney Michael Zeller said. “They have no right to use Bratz for any goods or services at all.”

Check out the “Head to head” comparisons between the two after the jump. Thrilling stuff I tell you! A few questions remain though: What about the poor kids who love to play with their Bratz dolls? And will these other two dolls also have a home? 



Date of Birth March 9 1959 
Height 11.5 inches (29cm) 
Parent Mattel 
Full name Barbara Millicent Roberts 
Male company Ken Carson, her 
paramour since 1961 
Worst vocal utterances “I love 
shopping!” and “Will we ever have 
enough clothes?” (Teen Talk 
Barbie, 1992) 
Other lines Hispanic friend Teresa and 
African American friend Christie 


Date of birth June 2001 
Parent MGA Entertainment 
Height 10 inches (25cm) 
Main characters Chloe, Sasha, Jade 
and Yasmin 
Male company Bratz Boyz 
Worst abuse of language The Bratz toy 
pet accessories, Petz. It includes Catz, 
Dogz and Foxz. 
Other lines: Lil’ Bratz, the 
diminutive version; Bratz 
Lil’ Angelz: newborn 
babies with their own 
equally newborn pets



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  1. bratz scare me!(i’m so glad i have 2 boys)
    i always knew there was something fishy about barbie. (torpedo boobs, perhaps?)
    if there were only tranny barbies when i was a girl… i wouldn’t be such a shopping zombie! where can i get one of those? i’m gonna’ start the healing!

    Comment by marrisalt | December 4, 2008

  2. The claim that Mattel didn’t want Bratz is just wrong. Bryant, the designer of Bratz, admitted at trial that he never offered it to Mattel, even though he used Mattel resources to develop it. The jury in this case found not only that Bryant created Bratz when he was a Mattel employee, but that Bryant and MGA lied to the press, the public, to people at Mattel and to the courts for years about when and how Bratz was created.

    Comment by mamabear | December 6, 2008

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