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Be The Biatch and Avoid the Doghouse

Check out this brilliantly funny JCP commercial about the doghouse, don’t get put in it yo! Protect yourself and your fellow men! Continue reading


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A Video for Missy Elliott’s “Shake Your Pom Pom”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Bode Miller’s New Training Regimen

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Bode Miller’s New Training Regimen“, posted with vodpod

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Why He So Mad For?

Is it the beard or the angry eyes?  I don’t know, but he’s not looking 22 – besides the skateboard thing. 

shia02_preview shia07_preview
shia08_preview shia01_preview

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This Is Why I Don’t Eat Poak

The shid ain’t kosher!

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O.J. – 15 Year Minimum

oj-simpsonI’d really like to think that masses of people aren’t convinced that justice is finally being served, but I imagine I’m wrong.

Julius – ain’t that a bitch?

What Do You Think? 
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One Guy’s Opinion on the Auto Bail-Out

One guy has an opinion, and he isn’t afraid to voice it! Watch this.

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Good Idea > Bad Idea

Good Idea

Icoi’s Butterfly Design Wall Mounted Fireplace

Bad Idea

iLounge’s Cardboard iPhone Coffee Table

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NeNe Dishes on the OC Ladies

From her blog on Bravotv.com:

OK ladies, let’s get it onnnnnn! The claws came out last night. THE LIMO: All the trash talking about Gretchen behind her back just reminded me of Sheree and Kim. Too small to talk to someone face to face. Scared of a little competition. Needing to put someone else down to make yourself look better.

If there’s something you don’t like or wanna say about Gretchen, why not say it to her face and give her a chance to defend herself? It was really rude and unnecessary for Vicki to throw Donn under the bus in front of Jeana when they were discussing vacation plans. Vicki, you need to either tone it down a bit and appreciate your husband Donn or leave, because you could be blocking his happiness with someone else.

FYI: Let’s keep it real ladies. 

aviewofthec comment: She kind of talks about people a whole lot, does she not? Keep it real NeNe, keep it real indeed. (Yes, she claims to not have been evicted, it was all a misunderstanding, etc.)

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What’s New Buenos Aires?

Last night, Madonna started her 4-night concert stay in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since probably not being there since filming Evita, how could she not sing “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina”? Well, no worries because she did, and the people seemed really moved by it. 

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November Job Losses Mount


The bottom fell out of the job market last month, with businesses laying off a staggering 533,000 workers — many more than even gloomy economists predicted. It was the worst one-month decline in more than 30 years, the government reported today.

And the bad news didn’t stop there. The Labor Department also revised upward its previous estimates of jobs losses in the last two months to 403,000 in September and 320,000 in October. 

Keep reading here

Have you recently lost your job? What are you doing to take the next step in your career? Is it time to make a major career change or go back to school, or is it time to just buckle down and ride it out?  

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Kathy Griffin Hits The Tonight Show

She talks about various subjects and while it’s not on the show, she recently tried to re-friend Clay Aiken but he still holds a grudge towards her for calling him “Gayken” before he came out. She wants to be friends, Clay well, not so much.

Watch her hilarity.  (source)

Part 1.

Part 2.

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Oprah Will Not Be Denied

Sarah Palin, you cannot avoid Oprah – nobody can. She might have your electricity shut off, your bank accounts frozen, and even send some bionic moose up to your neck of the woods to accidently “get aggressive” on you, if you know what I’m sayin’. 

Apparently Oprah tried to talk to (Nailin’) Palin and she wasn’t haven’t any of it – well, Extra was there and captured Oprah’s thoughts on it. For the record, Oprah was totally nice and seemingly unruffled, but people with that much power always are. She knows that just one flick of the finger and the universe will alter for her, and Oprah-loonies will come out from behind the walls and take care of bidness. 

Check the video here

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Last Night Autotune Saved My Life


Updated:  I just figured out that I sound a lot like an autotune vocalist by singing into my Gatorade bottle.  Try it!


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