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FSBO 5BR, 5BA, Ghost, FP, & HDW

It’s one thing to have a ghost in your crib, but it’s entirely something else when it resembles the valium-nista herself. 


“Paula simply feels she has outgrown her house… And given the recent public disclosure of her address, it seemed time that she move into a gated community,” a spokesperson for Abdul has told Us Weekly.

My thoughts: A gate ain’t no thang but a challenge, boo.


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Mind Test Time!

I was sent this little test by my father-in-law and want to see how you do on it.


Which one do you think is the blonde? Find out after the jump – no peeking!

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Morning After Inventory

Here’s a site you’ll want to use the next time you wake up with that tiny, moderate, or mandingo hangover and you’re going through the checklist of the night before. 

Add to Favorites > Click Here!


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Sarah Jeglum, You Suck!

In an opinion piece for the University of Washington student-run newpaper, The Daily, a picture of a man with a sheep was allowed to run in a conservative article discussing gay marriage. The obvious implication is that a civil union or gay marriage parallels that of a man and a farm animal. Of course, it’s presented under the guise of rhetoric.

When some students took a stand against such imagery and held a small protest, the Editor in Chief responded and that response is what I find most interesting. It seems she stands behind the “free speech” decision to run it to illustrate the “slippery slope” point. In all fairness, she does say that she would “approve a different picture next time” but that seems to be a bit disingenuous. 

Maybe we could all directly tell her how we feel?

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A Cat’s View in Photos

Seattle filmmakers Michael and Deirdre Cross weren’t expecting the smallest member of their family to take after them, but he did. Basically, this really lightweight camera took one photo every two minutes. From 6 inches above the ground, Cooper took 200 to 400 pictures a day, click the link down below to see some of the results.

Click here to see the gallery of shots taken with Cooper’s camera. 

Cooper also has now landed on an episode of a new Animal Planet series, “Cats 101,” airing Saturday at 8 p.m. Read more here.

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Does This Thong Make My Butt Look Big?


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