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“Bravo!” For Series’ Renewals

From the Bravo site:

The Rachel Zoe Project
When we last saw them: Rachel drove into the sunset in a car. But not just any car! Rodge got her Dylan McKay’s car! Team Zoe shut it down at the Oscars. Taylor promised to stop hating Brad so much. Brad promised to always look dapper and adorable. (He didn’t, but he always does, doesn’t he?)
What’s to come: “It” starlets, fashion emergencies, personal fittings, public meltdowns, accessories worth more than your life, etc.
What we hope to see: Brad and Taylor in a tickle fight.

Flipping Out 
When we last saw them: Jeff’s OCD was reaching all time highs, while Jenni’s relationship with Chris was sinking to new lows. The secret nanny cam put a serious damper on team morale. (And freaked everyone out.)
What’s to come: We’ll see Jeff and his dutiful squad try to keep the business afloat during trying economic times. Meanwhile, Jeff will try to keep his OCD under control while planning his bro’s wedding. 
What we hope to see: Rapper Jenni Pulos bust a rhyme.

Million Dollar Listing
When we last saw them: Josh was reconsidering the real estate biz. Madison was reconsidering his sexuality. Chad was reconsidering his hair. Victoria (Chad’s girl) was reconsidering, well, Chad. 
What’s to come: More multi-million dollar properties, a look into the cut-throat real estate biz, relationship drama, big bucks and bigger mouths.
What we hope to see: Chad’s hair gets its own opening credit.

Tabatha’s Salon Takeover
When we last saw her: Tabatha was confiscating keys, tearing down salon walls, and doling out tough love. 
What’s to come: More hair-clogged drains, uneven bangs, absent-minded salon owners, teary-eyed stylists who can’t handle an extra-strong dose of Coffee.
What we hope to see: Forget the sledgehammer. For the next truly downtrodden salon, give Tabatha some dynamite.


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