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Watch The “Ikky” Twins Now – First Episode Available

Click here to watch it. 

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Human Rights Video

Watch it, it’s very cool. 

Thanks AWQ.

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Congrats to Britney, Cheetos Stock Jumps

Congratulations are in order for Britney Spears and her over 500,000-selling debut of Circus. Frapps on me!


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Christian LeBlanc, Please Pass (Yourself) The Potatoes

christian-leblancDude, seriously, eat some carbs would ya? Yes, you look physically amazing – especially for a man that’s 50-years old. But when you get that lean it totally shows on your face and that my friend, is why I choose to stay a little bit porky – it helps with not showing wrinkles.

You have a choice, raisin-face/hot bod or beer belly/smooth face, you can’t have both a hot body AND a hot face. (OK, you can but it makes me feel better to think that)

Go here to see more of the photos.

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Calling In Gay – Are You?

Go here to see how you can help, it’s not just  about having a free day off, it’s about turning this day into a symbol and gesture of positivity. I’m not working today because I’m gay and oh yeah, unemployed. 

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Another Victim Falls to the Economy


Office Depot on Wednesday said it will close 112 underperforming retail stores in North America during the next three months.

The announcement said the closures would occur in various geographic regions, including 45 in the central U.S., 40 in the Northeast and Canada, 19 in the West and eight in the South. Fourteen more stores would be closed through 2009 as leases expire or other lease arrangements are finalized.

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Janet Jackson Is Pregnant?


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IBS, Take That!

I’ve been spending a good deal of time trolling through the Core 77’s list of gifts under $77 and there are some really interesting ones – some utterly bizarre but mostly all truly unique. 

The one that has caught my eye is the Plunger Lamp, it’s a really cool gift for anyone (especially if they’re in the bathroom all the time, wink wink), and it’s only $75! Below are the deets:


Hanging Pendant Lamp 

size: adjustable cord length, 6″ shade diameter 
 $75.00 each
this is a hanging pendant lamp that can be used for a bathroom or kitchen lighting.
the shade is made from brand new actual toilette plunger 🙂 adjustable cord length up to 50″, 5″ canopy diameter, use 1 standard base light bulb 40W maximum.

shipping within u.s. is $11.95. additional items ship free. international shipping is about $15.95
when is it available:
 the lamp is in production and will be available january 2009. please email me if you are interested: iloveblocks@gmail.com

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Ricky Martin’s Twins

Ricky Martin poses with his beautiful new twins, discusses the surrogacy, and pretty much nothing else. But the cute pictures are enough, even if the biggest question isn’t asked. Hmm…what could that be?

ricky-martin-babiesCheck out the Hola cover here.

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Give This Ditz a Gun – Brilliant!

If you watch The Real Housewives of Orange County, you’ve probably “met” Jeana’s daughter Kara. You know the one who like, totally, um, goes to Berkeley and is like, the only Republican there. Sarah Palin watch out, there’s a new idiot-in-training coming for your title. But since she goes to such a horribly dangerous school, she must need to pack heat, and this video shows us why we should all fear seeing her on campus. She’ll reach for the lipgloss and we’ll lose a testicle – fantastic!

Watch it here: “Give This Ditz a Gun – Brilliant!

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