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Molly’s No Misfit, Or Is She….?

molly1True “misfit toy” fact: The flaw of “Misfit Dolly,” the “dolly for Sue” on the Island of Misfit Toys in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, is never identified. She has seemingly normal hair, and a seemingly normal checkered dress.

So what gives? Why the hell is Misfit Dolly even on the Island of Misfit Toys? What is her secret flaw?

Here are the top ten theories:
10. Her gingham dress is made with asbestos.
9. Not only does she talk, she never shuts up.
8. She farts real farts.
7. Like Chucky, she is infused with the spirit of a serial killer.

blue-gun16. She has an inappropriate sexual relationship with the misfit squirt-gun that squirts grape jelly.
5. She forwards anti-Obama emails.
4. She’s one of those vegans who sulk when there’s nothing for them on the menu.
She loved Twilight.
2. When you wind her up, she claws your eyes out.
1. She isn’t a “misfit toy” at all — she’s just a tag-along “misfit toy hag.”


Shoutout – BGWE AfterElton.com



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  1. Let me add some more:

    1) Instead of blowing strawberry scented “kisses”, she blows a rotting gingivitis stench.

    2) She needs a tampon change every 5 minutes.

    3) She’s too cutesy and girly for the market. Makes even the most feminine little girl seem like a huge, bearded outlaw biker! Just looking at her cuteness makes little girls puke up important organs and/or makes little boys want to get her just to punch, smack, poke, smash, and stomp her into mud puddles.

    4) She pees and craps her pants more than a Canadian moose would.

    5) She barfs up projectile battery acid.

    6) She’s a hermaphrodite.

    7) She is passive aggressive. She calls little girls “fat” and “ugly” in her high-pitched, cutesy little pseudo-girl voice.

    8) The fact that she can walk, talk, cry, and exhibit self-awareness makes kids think she’s demon-possessed and scares them.

    9) She smells like BO.

    10) She’s too clingy.

    Comment by Stinky Williams | December 22, 2008

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