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Buy This: Ghetto Blaster Bag

When you want the party to go wherever you maybe, perhaps this bag can help. Granted, it can’t actually play music so that could be a real let-down. However, if somebody were to get all of your money and credit cards that are IN the bag, it could be a party for at least someone. Since I digress per usual, see below for some specs. 


Kickin’ it old skool! Our Boom Box Ghetto Blaster Weekend Bag will slap a Pop Rock like induced smile across your face! Large enough for lugging your paperwork home from the office or schlepping your books around campus!

Our bag measures 17.5 inches long x 12 inches tall x 8 inches wide (at the bottom) and 4 inches wide (at the top). The Ghetto Blaster also includes a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap in addition to the handles. Zipper closure.

Material: Faux/mock leather

Buy it here. Or here, as it appears they are out of stock on the first site. Also, here are some cool retro gifts. 

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