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Santa Likes Lapdances

Usually the good folks at Seattle’s Lusty Lady would be ecstatic when Santa Claus drops in.

But Saturday afternoon, when about 200 giddy Santas stormed the lobby, Saint Nick’s “Ho, ho, ho,” left the staff thinking “Oh, no, no, no!”


The Santas made a beeline to private booths, crowding in three and four deep for a peep show. A chorus of “My, oh my!” and gasps and giggles sounded as the posse in red inhaled the carnal delights.

“Hey, is that beer?” a Lusty Lady attendant barked to one of the Santas chugging merrily in the hallway. “You can’t have that in here!”

His fellow Santas immediately chided him with mock rage: “Bad Santa! Bad Santa! Bad Santa!”

Welcome to the wild and wacky world of “Santarchy” — “Santa” plus “anarchy” — which could be described as equal parts pub crawl, equal parts holiday celebration and a whole lot of fun.

Going from location to location, the annual event in Seattle heightens the merriment with an element of stealth about where the group is heading and when.

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