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Madonna ‘Like a Prayer’ From Sticky and Sweet Tour ’08

Just stumbled across this great video shot in NYC at Madison Square Garden. Having seen it live, I can just say that it’s AMAZING. 

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Audrina, Something is Different About Your Face

What could it be, hmmm…

At The Hills finale wrap-party thingy, there was a whole lot of “filler” up in the house, can you spot who has spent a time or two in the plastic surgeon’s office? As a side-note, how can I love Heidi Montag but hate Heidi and Spencer? It’s like he is poison to her and makes her despicable when she’s actually quite sweet – and hot now!

Exhibit A


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Pick Your Poison

Is it go-to-the-beach-and-show-off-all-your-stank-nastiness month?

Cameo 1 – Lily
Click Here To Sag!

Cameo 2 – Amy
Click Here To Gag!

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Drinking + Festive Gatherings = Bad Pictures

The next time you attend a company event, a friendly picnic, even a family gathering of game night, just remember to drink responsibility. You might feel like Heidi Klum but you probably look like Trailer Park Barbie. Here are some pics of things going slightly wrong: 

drunk-girl  drunk    company-party  

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Celebrities Get To Have All The Fun!

Can you guess who’s playing Amber Alert with their daughter while shopping?  The last time I tried that, it didn’t go like I had planned…


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Dear Seattle…

If we ever had to respond to a REAL disaster, such as a bomb, terrorist attack, something horrible like that – I can’t even imagine how we would respond. The worst weapon would be to attack us with ice and snow, that seems to shut our shit down. 

People are stranded at airports, bus stations, can’t get into shelters, stuck downtown with no bus in site, packed buses once they do arrive, cabs refusing to take people to certain areas of town, sidewalks still not salted, businesses not shoveling outside of their businesses, I could go on and on. I mean, the first day or two is a capacity issue, I get that. But it’s been several days now!


Seattle, your response has been pathetic and scarily revealing. If you can’t manage this, how on earth can you manage a true disaster?

UPDATE: Here’s the city’s response.

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“Ebenezer” Music Video – Christmas Ruined

What do you get when you combine Britney Spears’ “Womanizer” and “A Christmas Carol”? Well, have a look and see how long you can last – kind of like holding your breath but with music in the background. Push yourself!

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Lauren Conrad Is Sporting Secret Millionaire Attire!

Or maybe she’s just boppin’ through JFK, but if you were traveling the day after a  live wrap-up show, wouldn’t you put just a little more effort into looking moderately presentable?


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Matthew McConaughey Is “Ballin” In Malibu

Matthew, you gotta support the jumblies – they don’t deserve such treatment!

Watch what I’m talking about here

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