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Rock of Love, Charm School Reunion – Act 1

Watch it now, and if I’m correct, this is where the Megan beat-down occurred! Watch part of it after the jump. Continue reading

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Have You Heard The One About The D-Bag Who Gets Robbed?

That’s new material in Dane Cook’s Bag-O-Funny; his brother has been giving him the oakie-doke since the early 90’s and is just now getting arrested for it, according to TMZ.


Isn’t that what brothers are for?

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2009 Wishes

Happy New Year to everybody! What do you all hope for in 2009? I hope for the following:

  • Prosperity and love in the household
  • Career aspirations to be realized (aka, getting a job)
  • Housing prices go back up, at least appreciation in those already with homes
  • George Bush is never heard from again, and his posse too!
  • Madonna goes back to being fun again, in addition to being deep-thinking and profitable
  • iPhones/Apple will allow people to right-click pictures and copy and paste text
  • For me to eat better
  • Continue to exercise more
  • Get a Toyota Prius
  • Britney Spears sings a song live
  • Closeted celebrities come out of the closet (Queen Latifah, Anderson Cooper, etc) – allegedly closeted I should say (uh huh)
  • Health insurance is available for all

Now it’s your turn, these are just off the top of my head…

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Time To Clean Out My Pantry

Damn, Prevention Magazine has run a list of foods that we think would be healthier options but aren’t exactly all that one might hope. I’m not afraid to say that I have chosen these “alternatives” as food choices and now I’m not sure what to do! Check out the list below and here’s the link to read why you might not want to count on them if you’re watching your waistline. 

  • Baked potato chips (yes)
  • Gummy fruit snacks (hell to the yes)
  • Light ice cream (guilty)
  • Diet soda (not a huge fan)
  • “Calorie-free” Margarine (uh, no)
  • Non-fat salad dressing (yeah, but I don’t love salad)
  • Low-fat cookies (not really, if I eat cookies I will have the real stuff)
  • 100-Calorie packs (portion control, or so I thought – but I don’t dabble too much in this either)


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Vlogga Like Puff

As if anyone really needs to emphasize how obnoxious Diddy’s deep thoughts really are…

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Can You Name That Rump?


Click Here To See If You Were Right!

Click Here To See Something Overly Inappropriate,
Even For The Web – Ick!

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My Eyes, My Eyes!

If you’re still working on digesting your gummy bears, Malt-o-Meal, and Starbucks sludge, do not click here

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Paris Hilton Confirms Idiot Status

So Paris Hilton is in Australia or was, who-the-fuck really cares right? Anyway, she was criticized for spending so much money in a very short amount of time, you know, with the economy as bad as it is. Well anyway, that’s all fine that she went shopping and stuff and while I’m not technically in PR, I don’t think I would’ve given this answer:

“I’m in Australia, I think it’s important to help out, you know, the economy out here, everywhere in the world. And what’s wrong with doing a little shopping? It’s New Year’s, I need a New Year’s dress.”

Here would be my non-professional advice of what to say: “Yeah, I shopped cause I have lots of money and who are you to give a shit? Do you know how many kilos of coke that I bought to support the starving children of Columbia and other overseas countries like Canada and stuff? And oh yeah, I, like, totally bought another dog that was like, totally suffering in the pet store. So, I can totally suck it. Wait, like, that didn’t come out right…I mean, YOU can totally suck it.”

And of course, she should say it while wearing this grammatically incorrect shirt:


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Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper Ring in the New Year

They’re getting ready for tonight’s big NYC celebration – and they take a quick pitstop for a call to Kathy’s mom and her box of wine. Excuse me, bottle of wine. 

Watch more here

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