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Vintage, and I Mean VINTAGE Madonna

Madonna happened to be the single dancer in front of the other 3 and even then, she had that something. This video from the widely-recognized song “Born to Be Alive” is from 1979. Yup, that long ago. After the jump, watch it! I FIXED IT SO IT SHOULD WORK NOW. Continue reading

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Gretchen, I Love You

What a cool lady, so smart and level-headed. Read her latest blog here.


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Can’t Talk, Too Busy Writing Chain Letters…


In a victory for public disclosure, a federal judge ruled against ProtectMarriage.com and the National Organization for Marriage California, and anti-gay conservative and religious groups who sought to conceal the names of donors to the campaign to pass Proposition 8 in California.

Read More – Towleroad

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OH Damn, Not Again!


Another intern out the door – You are hated

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Another Funny “Fail”

This time it’s on a Segway, and it’s that time again to recognize the evil inside yourself and just let the laughter flow. 

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Paparazzo “Gets A Kick” Out of Jake Gyllenhaal

I don’t condone violence, but I do take great pleasure in this video of Jake Gyllenhaal possibly, allegedly, kicking a stupid Pap. I love it when they ask the celebrities the dumbest questions, not because they care of course but rather, so they can somehow engage them to get more footage. The laws definitely need to be stricter against them, at least when the celebs are just trying to live their life.

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Boeing and Starbucks To Make Major Cuts

Holy hell, this is some crazy stuff man. Boeing is reportedly going to cut 10,000 employees and that’s about 6% of their workforce. Starbucks will likely cutting up to 6,700 jobs, closing 300 underperforming stores, selling one of its jets and scaling back new store openings. Starbucks will reduce Seattle headquarters employees by about 10 percent, or between 300 and 350 employees, effective in mid-February. Globally, including Seattle, Starbucks will lay off 700 corporate employees.

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Thursday Hotness: David Beckham

Here’s one of three new underwear shots that have been found. Cool tattoo Becks and oh yeah, NICE ASS! You can see a few more here

david-beckham-underwearWonder Twins powers activate: Form of, those briefs. 

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Hot PETA Ad Banned From Super Bowl

What’s the big deal, I’m sure the vegetables are orgasmic..I mean, organic. According to the ad, “Studies show vegetarians have better sex”. You can also click here for a Whoopi Goldberg interpretation of the commercial below. 

Vodpod videos no longer available.

People are all worked up over this, but it actually makes me want to get dirty with a piece of asparagus, is that wrong?

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Tom Cruise Stole My Buddy!

In a brand new follow-up to the popular “Tom Cruise Is A Cock-Block” video series, a guy tries to rescue his friend from Tom Cruise’s mansion.

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Ted’s Confruzed On Oprah

Yesterday’s Oprah was pretty interesting.  If there’s one thing that was consistent throughout the whole show it’s that Ted Haggard is a mess!  HBO is releasing a documentary on The Trials of Ted Haggard tonight; some of the clips show Ted and his family moving around like nomads, selling door to door insurance, and of course the crazy talk involving his ‘positioning’ on being gay.


Updated:  I guess Ted’s old enough to not be affected by this new study, but he’s apparently been greasing things up again – CNN.com

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Clown Phobia Is Funny Sh*t!

Ok, I recognize that people have a real phobia of clowns but this video still makes me laugh. Terrible? Yes. I accept that. Having said that, I wouldn’t try to scare her with clowns, even if deep down I would really want to. 

Skip to 2:45 for the best part, although it all is pretty fascinating. 

If the video isn’t enough for you, click here and read the entries. 

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Kanye, Hop on Board the Crazy Train

First class all the way baby. His past bragging and self-aggrandizing nature has become the norm for him, and we tend to accept that he’s a little (or a lot) cocky and that kind of goes with the territory. But before recently, I haven’t really thought he was, you know, bat-shit crazy! Well, this video kind of shows a slight difference in his behavior. 

And no, the mullet doesn’t EVER work. 

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Oh, To Have A Dream…


My nephew rocks!

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No Bag Needed!

Some people are indeed hotter with a bag over their head, but this really isn’t one of those situations.  So what gives little man?

spl74845_0051 spl74845_003

Shia – Yeeeah!

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