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All-American Male Models – What Are They Looking At?

Here’s a contest I found online: All American Guys Top 15 models for the year 2008. But more important than the contest is this video, who is the hottest model in it and who will go on to host Spring Break contests for years to come? I generously made that last part up even though it might be more appropriate to say they’re prime for a dancing gig with Chippendales, but I don’t know if they can dance or not. 

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Does watching this video turn you on or does it make you laugh? For me, it makes me laugh and I can’t help but think they look like total douches. Is that wrong? I realize they’re just doing a job but I just get the sense that they’re standing there with a singular thought in their head: “I look hot, look how hot my biceps look, I’m hot, you want me cause I’m so hot?”

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  1. oh my!! i’m blushing! well…not really!!! muscly guys make me want to ralph. mmm yeah! bulging veins…. gristly!! give me geeky and wiry any day!
    male models creep me the hell out!!

    Comment by Mar | January 3, 2009

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