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There Must Be Something About Hayden

She must be doing something right, b/c the Heroes shomance continues to flourish when Milo certainly could upgrade at any time; hopefully it will be soon b/c these two are uberboring.  Here’s a snug pic of the two in Bora Bora in the meantime:


See more – F-Listed

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Brandon Stoughton: Would You Let Him ‘Womanize’ You?

Hell yeah! Womanize, man-ize, tenderize, synergize, smack-me-around-ersize, sexersize, you get the idea. Speaking of ‘size’…

Check here for a ton more pics, but here’s a teaser. brandon-stoughton

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Vintage Marky Mark

I’d like to say “hello to your mother” and by “say hello” I mean…

Check this old school clip of the hotness known as Marky Mark. Well, as hot as this white boy can be. 

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Sharon O. Beats a Ho

“Charm School” be damned, Sharon Osbourne temporarily blinds her victim (Megan) and then goes in for the beat-down. Continue reading

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Nip/Tuck Returns – Are You Ready?

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The Game Of Risk – 21st Century Style

Where do you go to school to end up planning the fate of sovereign nations?  I wonder if the my state has that type of program offered under their vocational/displaced worker program? 

In a recent WSJ article, Russian professor Igor Panarin shared his theory on the division that will occur within the year 2010.  Here’s the shakedown:

 Do you think it could happen?

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What’s G?

What’s G?  Alot I guess, but does this commercial really make you want some Gatorade or is it just a cameo filled voice over?

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Microsoft Layoffs: Spin Control or Fiction?

I’ve heard rumors of Microsoft laying off up to 10% of their total workforce, and I guess those rumors came from a few different blog sites. Having said that,those blog sites have seemingly withdrawn such statements and now it’s unclear if a layoff is actually happening. But when they say they might lay off contingent employees (aka,contractors or to many people, temps), that really doesn’t seem accurate because you don’t “lay off” non-employees. Semantics? Maybe. 

Anyway, read the interesting article here. In just a matter of weeks we’ll know for sure.

I often ask myself: What is Microsoft good at again? 

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Madonna Bends Over Backwards for LV


Update: Above is a new still from the 2009 LV clothing line campaign starring Madonna – the pic is hot, so take that haters! 🙂

Read more backstory here

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