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Apple Makes Changes

Apple Inc. is cutting the price of some songs in its market-leading iTunes online store to as little as 69 cents and plans to make every track available without copy protection.

In Apple’s final appearance at the Macworld trade show, Apple’s top marketing executive, Philip Schiller, said Tuesday that iTunes song prices will come in three tiers: 69 cents, 99 cents and $1.29. Record companies will choose the prices, which marks a significant change, since Apple previously made all songs sell for 99 cents.

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Mario Lopez, I Like Your Shorts


I’ll spare you the “but they would look better on my floor” joke. ūüôā

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Beware of Turkey Bowling

Turkey Bowling PSA from the Greens and Grains grocery store, beware of perps!

Thanks AWQ for sending this.

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Zac Efron Goes Off Script, and I Love It!

Zac Efron goes dark and strays from the “Disney script” in this clip from Adult Swim’s animated¬†series¬†Robot Chicken. A little bit musical, a little bit murder, and a whole lot of funny.¬†

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Chris Evans – Did You Know?

In a recent interview, Chris Evans mentioned that he wanted to be opposite of Sean Penn in Milk but lost to James Franco. 


Maybe Chris was too skim for the part, but I wonder who would have won if casting decisions were left to an on-line vote between Chris or James?  (Maybe that should the idea behind my new internet company?) 

Chris went on to discuss¬†that he’s¬†OK being¬†objectified for his looks, the origination of ‘Flame On!’, ¬†and what-had-happened in his early career¬†photo shoots.

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Rodrigo Santoro Bares (Almost) All

Remember Rodrigo Santoro in Charlie’s Angels, Love, Actually, 300, etc.? Well, after the jump is an early clip where he has really bad hair and is definitely dealing with some demons, but at least you get to see a little bit more of him. Below is a pic of how I like to remember him:


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Feeling Cold? Try the Snuggie!

I remember something like this growing up, it was a blanket that had snaps to create sleeves for your arms. Well, there’s also the Snuggie that’s not only warm for those cold winter nights, but it’s also fashionable and in my estimation, completely appropriate for those trips to Wal-Mart, 7-Eleven, you name it!

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You Go Geisha!

It’s just a day at the beach for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon actress Zhang Ziyi.¬† Behold the Koto Dragon Sand¬†Technique:


See more French West Indies’ Starfish – F-Listed

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Fur Protest in Seattle


Thanks to Jeff for sending this picture of a PETA protest in downtown Seattle yesterday. I had a friend say that it was wrong because it was shocking and made people feel uncomfortable, but I think that’s the point – knowledge is the way to combat the ridiculous notion that fur is necessary. Unless you’re on foot hunting the animal and using the meat for survival, I find it very difficult to listen to any argument that fur is OK, especially considering it’s a status symbol and really nothing more. That’s just my opinion.

You can always learn more by going here.

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The Biggest Loser – Does It Work?

I mean the show, of course. In looking at this MSNBC article, I’m shocked to see that nearly all of the top contestants have gained quite a bit of weight back. What I find more interesting is the ones that either answer the question of their current weight with, “I prefer to not use numbers to judge my overall health and weight” ¬†or with, “I’m currently working towards a healthier lifestyle”, both of which means they’re fighting the fat. But to top it off, pun intended, many of them are either motivational speakers or have books about lifestyle – I’m not sure I would buy their advice, would you?

Does this mean that like many other reality shows, it’s just a show and should be enjoyed as just that?¬†

Have a gander at their before and after pics here. 

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Sanjaya Returns!

Can you stand it? I’ve virtually hobbled myself over to Amazon to preview the 5 tracks from his “album” and a few of them aren’t that bad. I mean, track 2 where he gets kind of “urban” is pretty painful but at least the songs have a melody, a little Indian influence, and sound like they were well-produced. Except for the cover. Was that some sort of craft project or perhaps the free trial mini-version of Photoshop? Or perhaps it was one of those photo booths at the mall where you choose your background. Either way, it’s beat – although his hair looks soft and luxurious.

If you haven’t reached your Sanjaya limit, Dlisted has a little video of him performing the “Quintessential Lullaby” song or whatever it’s called. I love any video where there’s a sign for a restroom in the backdrop.

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