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The Biggest Loser – Does It Work?

I mean the show, of course. In looking at this MSNBC article, I’m shocked to see that nearly all of the top contestants have gained quite a bit of weight back. What I find more interesting is the ones that either answer the question of their current weight with, “I prefer to not use numbers to judge my overall health and weight”  or with, “I’m currently working towards a healthier lifestyle”, both of which means they’re fighting the fat. But to top it off, pun intended, many of them are either motivational speakers or have books about lifestyle – I’m not sure I would buy their advice, would you?

Does this mean that like many other reality shows, it’s just a show and should be enjoyed as just that? 

Have a gander at their before and after pics here

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  1. The problem that I always had with the show was the fact that it was a contest. And just like any contest where the prize is money or fame, people will do anything to win. I remember reading an article about this very problem. One of the contestants said that while she was on the show, she saw people drinking only water the day before the weigh-in. So the losses that they showed weren’t actually cuts in fat, but rather water weight.

    Comment by alexdoal | January 6, 2009

  2. Yeah, maybe that’s the problem with it – maybe they haven’t learned any other incentive but money.

    Comment by aviewofthec | January 6, 2009

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