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Seattle Gay Bars Targeted

Eleven gay bars in Seattle received letters today addressed to the “Owner/Manager” from someone claiming to be in the possession of ricin, a deadly poison. “Your establishment has been targeted,” the letter begins. “I have in my possession approximately 67 grams of ricin with which I will indiscriminately target at least five of your clients.”

According to the CDC’s website, someone who has ingested “a significant amount” will develop vomiting and diarrhea within the first 6-12 hours; other symptoms of ricin poisoning include hallucinations, seizures, and blood in the urine. There is no antidote for ricin but ricin exposure is not invariably fatal.


To the left is a public notice that was posted by a bar manager at the Seattle Eagle.

A letter also arrived in The Stranger‘s offices, addressed to the attention of “Obituaries.” The letter’s author said the paper should “be prepared to announce the deaths of approximately 55 individuals all of whom were patrons of the following establishments on a Saturday in January.” The listed bars are: the Elite, Neighbours, Wild Rose, the Cuff, Purr, the Eagle, R Place, Re-bar, CC’s, Madison Pub, and the Crescent. “I could take this moment to launch into a diatribe about my indignation towards the gay community,” the letter concludes, “however, I think the deaths will speak for themselves.”

Typically, this kind of thing would make me mad but for some reason, I just feel pity for the person. I wonder what they’re dealing within their soul that makes them want to harm another human being, gay or not. The gay community will, as we always do, band together and protect one another. This kind of ugliness only makes us stronger as a population and does not invoke fear in us (except for the initial response of fear from a threat), but rather, reinforces our continuous need for activism. 

Nice try gross person (said in my best 5-year old voice).

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