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Meth is Bad, Unless You’re in Hollywood

So, Ryan O’Neal has pleaded (shouldn’t that be ‘plead’?) guilty to a felony drug charge and was ordered into a diversion program. If he completes it, the case will be dismissed. 


I have to ask the obvious question, how does one remain so overweight while on meth? I mean, of all of the horrible things that meth can do you, isn’t weight-loss at least one of the “benefits”? I’m shameful, I know – it just seems irresponsible. Maybe it’s just me.

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Um Yeah, So I’m Going To Need Those Organs Back

42-19033096So you may want to get a prenump the next time you accept an organ from your partner or spouse.  Apparently, they can request it back if the ‘for better or worse’ doesn’t work out like you had planned. 

FYI, the asking price for a liver is about $1.5 million, in case you were curious. 

See the whole story– mucho typos and all.  Tighten up Denver!

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Powell Is Down At Fraggle Rock!

What’s He Doing?

A.) Playing Bob the Builder
B.) Supporting the recension of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell as a member of The Village People
C.) Looking for the Trash Heap
D.) Saying “No way girlfriend; I know you didn’t”

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It’s All In The Eyes!

Having an abundance of time on my hands over the holidays has helped me develop a much needed skill, and I have a few reality TV shows to thank for it!  My craydar skills (similar to gaydar but pertaining to honing in on crazy) have gone to a whole nutha level! 

My neophyte skills began to blossom while watching Cara Quici on Momma’s Boys.  In the first 3 minutes of the show, the collective audience here started seeing Cara’s shifty eye syndrome (Clue #1) and our reservations were confirmed later when this doozie of a breakdown occurred:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

chelseaMy newest theory involves True Beauty contestant Chelsea Bush.  I’m not entirely certain if she’ll survive long enough on the show for all her drama to unfold, but I’ll be anticipating every moment along the way. 

I’d like to interject that similar to being real or fake, crazy can come in all shapes and sizes, however it consistently seems to be detectable, at first, in eye movement.


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Matthew McConaughey Can’t Get His Shirt Off

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Dear Tori Spelling…







<—————-Nice dress!

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Hurricane Winehouse Strikes Again

According to The Sun:

Amy Winehouse escaped an assault probe after hurling a glass of water over a woman tourist. The singer, 25, at first refused to say sorry to the shocked 27-year-old after flying into a rage during dinner at a posh Caribbean resort. But she apologised to the woman and her partner after hotel bosses brokered a peace deal to avoid the couple calling cops.

This is my favorite part of the story: Some staff have started singing their own version of Rehab under their breath when she’s around. “But they altered the chorus to sing, ‘Just go, go, go’.” (I couldn’t agree more)

While I’m tempted to post a picture of a ratty-haired Amy, I decided to focus on the positive and post a picture of her before she started circling the drain. It is a new year after all. 🙂


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Lady Gaga Gets Her Shiz Together

You know, we have a personal experience trying to watch Lady Gaga perform, and she totally stiffed us!  Since that time, every time I see her I just spit a little and curse her name. Maybe it’s because she shows such promise, has all of the elements of a diva-in-the-making, or maybe it’s just because I stood in a straight bar with a bunch of drunk ho-bitches running into me only to be left with one-and-a-half songs and a bad hangover.

Either way, it’s nice to see she’s got herself together – it seems. Watch her perform on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

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New Kelly Clarkson


Kelly Clarkson has named her fourth album “All I Ever Wanted,” which, as previously reported, is due March 17 from RCA. First single “My Life Would Suck Without You” arrives Jan. 16 at Amazon.com’s MP3 store and at radio three days later. 

The track is a propulsive blast of rock-tinged pop, produced by Dr. Luke and Max Martin. Additional album details are still being kept under wraps. Listen to part of it below.

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Real World Brooklyn – First Episode

There’s a whole lot of gayness up in that house, admitted or not. You know who I’m talking about! I think it’s great that they have a really cool cast and judging from the previews, it’s still going to have some drama. I love how they love each other in the beginning and after the novelty wears off, people “start being themselves” and get really nasty. 

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Real World Brooklyn – First Episode“, posted with vodpod

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Unemployment Rates Continue To Rise

The U.S. unemployment rate bolted to 7.2 percent in December, the highest level in 16 years, as nervous employers slashed 524,000 jobs. The labor market is expected to remain weak as mass layoffs continue.

The Labor Department’s report, released Friday, underscored the terrible toll the deepening recession is having on workers and companies, and highlights the hard task President-elect Barack Obama faces in resuscitating the flat-lined economy.

For all of 2008, the economy lost a net total of 2.6 million jobs. That was the most since 1945, when nearly 2.8 million jobs were lost. Although the number of jobs in the U.S. has more than tripled since then, losses of this magnitude are still being painfully felt.

Check out the interactive map below that shows the unemployment percentage by state, and by month. I know for Washington, there are major layoffs about to be finalized (Washington Mutual) in the month of January and with some rumored impending Microsoft layoffs, Seattle in particular could continue to be hit hard. Vodpod videos no longer available.
If the image above is acting shady, click here to see the full version. 

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Seattle and Portland, So Close Yet Soooo Far Away

As you’ve probably read in the news, the Seattle area, the Northwest in general, has been inundated with torrential rain that after the snow, has left us with a whole lot of extra water hanging around. That coupled with new rain, has created severe flooding. I have to say that I felt like I was in a hurricane (which is silly I know) because it was coming down so hard and with the wind gusts, it was brutal. At times I felt like I was in a drive-thru car wash, you know when the water is hitting your window in waves? 

Anyway, there has been a lot of cleanup going on but there still isn’t a way to get from Seattle to Portland – crazy! Here’s some of the CNN article:

Rain-swollen rivers have inundated highways and farms, towns and parks in western Washington, shutting down traffic on a 20-mile stretch of heavily traveled Interstate 5 between Seattle and Oregon and threatening the federal roadway north of Seattle.

“If you’re trying to do commerce between Portland [Oregon] and Seattle, there is no way right now,” said Bob Calkins, a spokesman for the Washington State Emergency Operations Center in Camp Murray near Tacoma.

Check out this link for a slideshow, it’s no joke yo!

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Britney’s ‘Circus’ Is a Drag

Derrick Barry’s New Year’s Eve performance at Krave in Las Vegas was a hit, so watch the video performance of “Circus”. 

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