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Damn You, Fade to Black!!!

As I abruptly rushed back from the unemployment office today to watch my stories, I made it just in time to see the world still turning.  Today was THE DAY for Luke and Noah, and after the cliche crescendo (btw, who knew that creshendo is a word too? Thank you google spellcheck!) of emotion that accompanies all televised gay hook-ups, all I got in return was a PG fade to black; i.e. use your imagination!

The German equivalent is more like it; avedazane!:


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  1. That blows, man. I feel like even soaps are afraid of gay male affection. AMC had a gay teen on YEARS ago when I started watching it, but he was written out shortly after. Now there’s all kinds of full-on lesbo kissing with Bianca. Lesbians always seem to be way more popular than us ‘mos.

    Comment by Phil | January 13, 2009

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