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Kanye Is A Punk Ass!

Of all people to drop some ridiculous stereotypes and classifications, Kanye’s dumb ass promotes the gays and Japanese as the ones to watch in terms of knowing how to dress.  His tone makes it seem that in his opinion this is the only redeeming quality of either of these demographics.  Furthermore, this is another stereotype that isn’t remotely across the board.  Case in point, my brother!  Bless his uncoordinated self; I’d post a link to his myspace but that would shame the whole tribe.

I guess I could substantiate Kanye’s theory a little more by researching gay Japanese men, but that is just a little too far in left field for me. 

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‘Real World’ Scott Shows Us What He’s Workin’ With

scott-real-worldYeah, they all want to be actors or models and at least now they admit it right? On this season of “Real World: Brooklyn” there are a bunch of sexually ambiguous hotties, and that’s fine with me. At least I can watch it on mute and enjoy it. 

Check out the rest of Scott’s pictures and the hilarious footage of another housemate from Salt Lake City (Chet) and his “curiosities” about all things gay. I mean, all things sexual, it just so happens it’s about other men.

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Tamra Coaxes the Crazy Out of Gretchen

Watch the lead-up to what Bravo would like us to believe is truly “bad behavior” from Gretchen, widely-regarded as the favorite “Housewife.” Tamra is trying to get her drunk and it reminds me of the old saying, “Be careful what you ask for.” 

Check it here

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I Was Caught On Film!

Yikes, the city just emailed me footage from when I was trying to enter a parking deck downtown.  Between you and me, I really knew what I was doing but just wanted an opportunity to speak to my hottie Progressive Insurance Rep.


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Listen to Entire New Kelly Clarkson Song

“My Life Would Suck Without You” makes it’s online debut, listen to it here

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Dumb Show Alert: Tool Academy

Think “Charm School” for men and you have VH1’s “Tool Academy”. At least they used a great name! Here’s a synopsis:

They parade through dance clubs, preening and posing while they bestow a great gift on womankind… themselves. They live in their own little world where your spray-on tan defines you, muscles are the new black and no woman, especially your girlfriend’s best friend, is off limits. They lie, they cheat, they treat their women like door mats. They are America’s Tools… and they need help. They just don’t know it yet.

But their women do. So, 9 frustrated women… all dating complete tools will take one last chance at reforming them by enrolling them in the only place that can make a difference and transform them… the Tool Academy.

The Tool Academy is dedicated to taking the most arrogant, dishonest, thoughtless and unfaithful boyfriends and transforming them into husband material. Under the watchful eye of our host, Jordan Murphy and couple’s therapist Trina Dolenz, they will live together and train together in hopes of reforming themselves and becoming better men.

But there’s a catch. Since men this thoughtless and arrogant won’t admit they have a problem, they must be tricked into showing up. So, when the men arrive at Tool Academy, they won’t know WHY they are there… they’ll be under the impression that they are competing in a pageant called “Mr. Awesome” — a search for America’s ultimate Alpha Male.

Of course, they quickly learn the truth… for the next 30 days, they must enroll in Tool Academy, where they will learn lessons in proper behavior focusing on such topics as Trust, Romance, Family Values, and Communication. If they learn their lessons well, they can stay. If they do not, they “fail” and are dismissed from Tool Academy. Watch a clip after the jump.

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