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Is George W. Bush A “Good Guy”?

Recently when interviewed, President-Elect Barack Obama stated that he thinks that George Bush “was a good guy.”

“I mean, I think personally he is a good man who loves his family and loves his country,” Obama said in an exclusive interview with CNN’s John King.

Obama also said he thought Bush made “the best decisions that he could at times under some very difficult circumstances.”

“That does not detract from my assessment that over the last several years, we have made a series of bad choices and we are now going to be inheriting the consequences of a lot of those bad choices,” Obama said.bush-devil

What do you think, do you think Bush is a good guy? I tend to agree with what Obama is saying, but then I think about all of the injustices Bush has supported, the troops we have put in danger, the civilians that we have killed, the jobs lost as a result of bad decision-making, and on and on and on. How could a good person make such blatant decisions regarding mankind? Should we judge a man by his stated intent or by his actions? I don’t know the answer to those questions, but I find it difficult to digest some of the decisions Bush has made.

I suppose, like most Americans, I’m just happy he’s gone.


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