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Obama Dances Like A White Guy

See, it’ll be OK;  There’s no need to worry…
Watch the side-to-side bump at CNN.com.

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How To Get a Straight Jock…

In 10 Easy Steps, from the movie Race You to the Bottom

Thanks Mark for sending this.

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Real Housewives Gone Wild!!!

The DVD set will be out before you know it!  Joe Francis & Kim Zolciak were staging some closeness at Sundance over the weekend.  Indeed, it’s a match made in heaven because both of these two are fugly as hell!  I don’t really know if Kim could have found a better person to help launch her career further.  I bet she’ll be debuting her musical performance by singing in Asian porn by the end of the year! 


What next, NeNe Leakes & Al Sharpton?

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American Idol Produces Bad Hair

Clearly Adam Lambert, a contestant on Season 8 of American Idol, thinks his hair looks good. He has quite a nice face, but somehow ruins it with that hair that says, “Hey, I’m a douche.” Even if he’s not, I have to say this is a strong cry for the ban on “Emo” hair. 



On a broader level, you know that a lot of people who try out are thinkin’ to themselves, “Damn, I got all gussied up and am ready to go to this ho-down and knock their shit out!”

And then they show up with their family-slash-ex-girlfriends/boyfriends to show the judges what they’re working with, while reinforcing my theory that people do in fact buy funhouse mirrors for the home.

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