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You Wanna Watch “Top Gun”?

I literally have that little bit of vomit anticipating its launch into the back of my throat as I push these keys on my email machine.  Here’s a little HG about Lou Pearlman, or Greasy Lou – if you’re nasty.  Lou is the mastermind behind NSYNC, The Backstreet Boys, and O-Town among several other boy bands.  He’s now being investigated for making inappropriate advances at some of the kids under his management.  There’s an excerpt after the jump and I’ll get back to the reflux in a minute:


“He wanted to [seduce] everyone. He wanted to [seduce] everyone there … he’s disgusting,” Rich Cronin (LFO) told Howard Stern on his radio show on Wednesday (January 21), when he stopped by to promote his new album, Billion Dollar Sound. “He needed you to sing a little bit, but really he just wanted you to be good-looking.” ….

“I’ve had to go to therapy … he’s really a creepy guy,” Cronin said after describing Pearlman’s “wonderland for guys” mansion, which was full of Star Wars memorabilia. He added that Pearlman’s attention was invasive to say the least.

“He goes, ‘You could be a star … take off your shirt.’ Then he’s like, ‘Turn around,’ ” Cronin recalled. “He’s massaging my shoulders and he’s like, ‘You wanna watch “Top Gun”?’


Of all the ‘Catch a Prededator’ pick up lines I’ve seen, the Top Gun one is truly the winner!  It really reminds me of a day at work years and years ago when a newly hired, old (like 50), meth teeth waiter came up to me and asked, ‘Why do they call you BJ?’.  Thank you old guy; instead of the fond thoughts I used to associate with my initials, now I cringe anytime someone recognizes that my parents didn’t have good judgement in putting together my life long acronym!

‘You wanna watch “Camp”?’

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