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Ted’s Confruzed On Oprah

Yesterday’s Oprah was pretty interesting.  If there’s one thing that was consistent throughout the whole show it’s that Ted Haggard is a mess!  HBO is releasing a documentary on The Trials of Ted Haggard tonight; some of the clips show Ted and his family moving around like nomads, selling door to door insurance, and of course the crazy talk involving his ‘positioning’ on being gay.


Updated:  I guess Ted’s old enough to not be affected by this new study, but he’s apparently been greasing things up again – CNN.com

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  1. I like how the wife wants to make it really clear that regardless of your identity, you don’t have to act on urges. Like, “Of course he’s gay, but he’d better not do it with dudes anymore!”

    Comment by Phil | January 29, 2009

  2. Aren’t they both just the poster kids for ‘Denial Magazine’? I was really impressed with the lack of leniency that Oprah gave them in regards to their obscurity. Ted and Gayle just wanted to attach their ‘scandal’ to a cork board of situational responsibility. Ted even admitted that he still has ‘mo’ fantasies but chooses not to act on them anymore. I was pretty much under the impression that their faith considers that the same thing as acting upon the urge; so what gives?

    Comment by dubyabejay | January 30, 2009

  3. I kind of think he’s just tired of selling insurance and is on a dash for cash…

    Comment by dubyabejay | January 30, 2009

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