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Vintage, and I Mean VINTAGE Madonna

Madonna happened to be the single dancer in front of the other 3 and even then, she had that something. This video from the widely-recognized song “Born to Be Alive” is from 1979. Yup, that long ago. After the jump, watch it! I FIXED IT SO IT SHOULD WORK NOW. Continue reading

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Gretchen, I Love You

What a cool lady, so smart and level-headed. Read her latest blog here.


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Can’t Talk, Too Busy Writing Chain Letters…


In a victory for public disclosure, a federal judge ruled against ProtectMarriage.com and the National Organization for Marriage California, and anti-gay conservative and religious groups who sought to conceal the names of donors to the campaign to pass Proposition 8 in California.

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OH Damn, Not Again!


Another intern out the door – You are hated

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