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I Dislike “The Donald” But I Love Me Some Joan Rivers

I can’t wait to watch Celebrity Apprentice, if only to just see Joan Rivers (whom I adore) tear some people apart – I hope she does well.

Check out a clip here and after the jump, Joan’s contestant profile. Continue reading

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Scott Renfroe, You Suck

renfroeBeing gay is comparable to murder? Check this quote from Scott Renfroe, a Colorado State Senator, from Towleroad

“Homosexuality is seen as a violation of this natural created order, and it is an offense to God…I’m not saying this (homosexuality) is the only sin that’s out there. We have murder. We have all sorts of sin. We have adultery. And we don’t make laws making those legal, and we would never think to make murder legal.”

Listen to the audio after the jump. Continue reading

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Marco Dapper Uses a Land Line

Many of you have looked at the Marco Dapper pictures that I posted here – and yes, he’s hot as hell. Well, there’s a new set of modeling shots on the web, and you can check those out here. Below is just one of them. 


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Listen To This: Kelly Clarkson’s “Save You”

This track is off her All I Ever Wanted upcoming release, and it’s definitely one of my favorite songs – listen to the bridge, it’s brilliant! Anyway, you should definitely buy it and not just listen to leaked versions, there’s just nothing like owning it. I mean, especially if it’s a good album cause you know there’s lots of albums with only 1-2 good tracks and you feel bamboozled.


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And They All Come Falling Down…

Here’s a video of a former “Bachelor” contestant who is also a model – well, she’s suing because she hurt herself, had emotional damage, all that stuff. As with my things posted on this site, it’s funny as shit and completely a go-straight-to-hell ticket. So let’s have a party in the hot place and laugh while getting there!

How did she not see that hole in the floor and how did nobody tell her it was there? Maybe her cocker spaniel hair got in the way. Mean!

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Bike-Riding Dalmation Is Having A “Ball”

Or is having two, if you want to be literal. Check out the below clip from Anderson Cooper 360, and I love when the raccoon comes on the screen!

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Artistically, Naked People

Dang it – another idea that is already being delivered via the web.  No joke, I was just thinking about a site like this yesterday!!!  For Real Doe!

It’s NSFW by any means, but it’s not raunchy or anything either.  It’s common folk (like you and me) in clothes one minute and then with a click their clothes fade and you get to behold their ___________.

There are a few attractive people in the bunch; I really like the idea because I practice visualizing people naked all the time and the site is kind of like a Cliff Notes in that regard. 


Have a taste after the jump: Continue reading

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Oh, I’ll Do It…

So there’s this fitness class at my gym on Sunday’s that involves rhythmic dancing, and it’s one of those fish bowl kind of rooms where random strangers have the best view.  Keep in mind that I only pop-n-shake at the club so I wasn’t actually in the class, but at one point the instructor yelled out ‘Freestyle!’ which apparently means find your own style and ‘go at it – whooo’.  (Oh, Happy Day – LMFAO)

I probably won’t make it to this week’s class, but if I am ever put up to a dare this is how I’m gonna represent:

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You Might Be Dead, But You Can’t Park There

retarded1So here’s the story in a nutshell: In Gainesville, Florida, a dead man was lying inside of a BMW – the neighbors got fed up of seeing the car there for two weeks and finally went up to the car and after peering into the window, noticed a dead body in it. And oh yeah, the car had 7 tickets on it.

The power of observation here is definitely worth adding to their resume. And what terrible person made the picture on the left here, and why are you laughing? Evil evil people. (come sit next to me)

Take a gander at the video here

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Kiwi’s Know How to Rock the Dance Floor!

Here’s the latest from my 2  favorite New Zealander boys:

Love me some Flight of the Concords, don’t you? They are GENIUS! and don’t forget so cute that I want to carry them around in my pocket!!!!

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LMFAO – Come Here!


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I Luv Cereal!

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“All My Older Ladies!”

I meant that to sound like Beyonce’s song, in my head it did.


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Change My Pitch Up…

Oh Milo…
It’s not Smack Fest, but it’ll suffice!

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Funny Site: WTF Would Jesus Do?


From The USC Daily Trojan:

On my fifth and final day rushing Alpha Gamma Omega, two AGO brothers confronted me about my sexuality. That is, two AGO brothers confronted, questioned and attacked my sexuality. Although I was honest with them about my being gay, I was made to feel extremely uncomfortable. From these conversations, it became inescapably clear that AGO would not extend a bid to me because I am gay, an instance of blatant homophobia.

This one just gets better and better:
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