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A Eco-Friendly Screen Cleaner

Click here to see. 

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“Oh Hell No” -OR- “Bitch, Please”

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years from my lady friends, it’s that there’s nothing more important than keeping a perm together.  Case in point, Solange dodging drops and leaving her entourage behind in El Nino.


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Lily Allen Has a Brilliant New Song – “F**K YOU”

I’m catching up from being on vacation in Florida, but I did manage to pick up Lily Allen’s latest and this brilliant song on it caught my ears. I believe it’s about George Bush but no matter who it’s about, the cleverness of the delivery is just about perfect.

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“What the French?”

farrah1Anytime you can come up with a way to sneak in a new expletive that avoids censorship then you are automatically added to my T-Mobile Top 5. 


Add to that the fact that you’re a big ol southern bell sized skeeze and that’s all I need to add you to my Rock of Love Bus Fantasy Team!

My teams rockin’ a group score of over 300; what can I say, it’s a gift!

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