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The Most Annoying American Idol Contestant EVER

Oh man, Tatiana Del Toro is surely a sweet girl – seriously. But even sweet girls can be annoying, and is she ever annoying!

Like, buying her a soundproof hoodie annoying. Making her wear an astronaut’s helmet annoying. You get the point. Watch after the jump and don’t forget to watch around 3:35 for the queen’s reaction in the waiting room – LMAO! Continue reading


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What…. A Pole!!!

katelynnWhen you watch TV by yourself, do you laugh out loud often, seldom, or never?  That’s a question I wonder from time to time.  I’m more of a seldom kind of person myself but seeing this 3 month old twock hop up on a support beam at a dive in Gettysburg made me laugh my arse off today. 

Really, I’m not hating because Katelynn has some Ms. New Booty potential – I just think her pole choice (similar to song choice on AI) was a little inappropriate for that moment.


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I Love ‘Top Chef’ Carla

How cool is this woman? I want to be friends with her, she makes me laugh and seems to be spiritually centered. Below are a few Carla-isms. Enjoy a few more after the jump. If you have any others, send me the link!

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Marco Dapper – Video Slideshow

If you are a fan of this post, check this out below. God is generous huh?

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Praise Jesus, For He is HOT!

Check out pics of Madonna and Jesus Luz for a spread in W, as shot by Steven Klein of course. Two pics are below and you can see more here.


H-O-T, I would sooo go south of that border.

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MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice Team Up, Tickets Still Available!

If you too have been awaiting the combination of artistic forces known as MC Hammer and Vanilla ice in one major event, well, wait no longer. They will be in Orem, Utah on 2/27/09 and you can buy your tickets here. There has never been a better reason to go to Utah, EVER.

mchammerWhat…a mess.

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Pod People!

Ewww…don’t click here if you’re still trying to digest your morning breakfast, last night’s dinner, or anything you might have eaten in the prior weekend. Yes, it’s nasty!

I think that as each one came out, you could hear a faint “ka-ching” in the background. Almost like a slot machine as you’re walking through a cheap hotel in Vegas with only one eye open, and cigarette fumes still emanating from your clothes after a long night.

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Joaquin Phoenix, Mess or Good Actor? Or both?

Check out Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman, he’s a straight up mess – or he’s just messin’ with us all. Either way, come back to the light Joaquin! 

Real or fake?

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