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Sony Releases New Stupid Piece Of Sh*t That Doesn’t F**king Work

Watch this, it’s from The Onion and of course, it has a lot of swearing. If for some reason the video is janky on your screen, click here for the bestest quality.  Continue reading

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14 Kids and a New Face

Poor thing, she’s obviously a slight mess inside her head. And outside.



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United Airlines Is Just Not That Into You

united-airlines1United Airlines is dropping an Indian customer call center that took compliments or complaints after a flight, telling customers to send a letter or e-mail instead.

The nation’s third-largest airline told workers on Tuesday that it would stop publishing its customer relations phone number, which will be turned off altogether at the end of April.

United spokeswoman Robin Urbanski said the airline is able to respond better to customers who write, since they often include more detail, making it possible to provide a more specific response.

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Hi Kitty, We’re Idiots

Yes, Cooper the cat is a pretty cool cat. His owners put a camera around his neck to see what he sees – pretty clever right? I think so. But it’s now gone further, read this


But I’m not quite sure what they think they will accomplish by interviewing him. Do they think he’ll say something like, “Hello, I’m Cooper. My motivation for this series of shots was a combination of global warming juxtaposed with fighting in Darfur, with a little of the beautiful sunset mixed in for good measure.”

HE IS A CAT and I’m sure he’s really thinking, “Dumb humans, my captors think they can track my moves with this feeble device.”

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