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Hi Kitty, We’re Idiots

Yes, Cooper the cat is a pretty cool cat. His owners put a camera around his neck to see what he sees – pretty clever right? I think so. But it’s now gone further, read this


But I’m not quite sure what they think they will accomplish by interviewing him. Do they think he’ll say something like, “Hello, I’m Cooper. My motivation for this series of shots was a combination of global warming juxtaposed with fighting in Darfur, with a little of the beautiful sunset mixed in for good measure.”

HE IS A CAT and I’m sure he’s really thinking, “Dumb humans, my captors think they can track my moves with this feeble device.”


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  1. I wish that cat would just say something… watch those reporters freak out. i think it would be a win situation… The cat would have to quote something from the Color Purple….

    Comment by lalaG | February 13, 2009

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