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Speaking of “Ugly Betty”…Amanda’s Greatest Moments

Amanda is THE BEST.

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Love Is In The Air – Or Is Something Burning?

bildeYou can make your reservations online or by calling 1.888.WAF.FLEH – either way Mercutio and Tibalt over here are ready to make your Valentine’s Day special. 

And why not…?  Isn’t it usually at the Waffle House when you’re with that special person who just ordered their hash browns the same way that you like yours when you know that you’re going to pass out later tonight while you’re trying to….

Anyhow, Happy VD Everyone!  I hope your heart shaped waffle is dee-lish!

(And you know the related article was from my semi-home town – whoop whoop!)

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When the Driver Is A She

I love women, but why exactly are their insurance rates lower? If this video isn’t enough and if it didn’t ring so true, I wouldn’t be asking that question. Much love ladies, feel free to flame me back!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “When the Driver Is A She“, posted with vodpod

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Another Reason To Watch “Ugly Betty”

eric-mabiusIf it wasn’t your reason before, Eric Mabius (Betty’s boss) is a total hottie. Well, now you can see more of that hotness by clicking here. Needless to say, it’s NSFW, unless you work in a porn shop.

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Drunk Guys Don’t Give Up!

Maybe it’s a fashion thing, maybe it’s a drunken thing, but I know it’s a funny thing. So in honor of an upcoming cruise I’m taking, I feel it’s appropriate to post this video of what very well could be one of us in the coming months. Don’t judge, this might be you!

Thanks AWQ for sending.

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Twitter Keeps On Twittering

Twitter secured $35 million of new funding and keeps growing. Meanwhile, I still sit perplexed as to the actual reason to use it. 

So when all else fails and life just isn’t making sense, there’s always the Snuggie

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Daily Tune-Up: What Do You Love About It?

Jealousy is a happiness destroyer. Our own. It softens our focus on what we have. And lack of appreciation is synonymous with lack of happiness.

Walk into your life today as if it were the first time. Look around yourself. What do you love about what you see?

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