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Travis Fimmel, Then & Now

Which Travis do you prefer, the Calvin Klein model or the actor on The Beast? He almost doesn’t look like the same person but let’s not play around here, I’d still hit it like a slow-pitched softball.

travis-fimmel-before    travis-fimmel-after1

See more of the “now” pictures here. I mean, in case you need more evidence. 

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The Language of Love?

I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but broken English really turns me on!! Oh Fabio! How I wish I could sleep in the bunky bed with you!

fabio school girl heart

Who’s your Chef Daddy?

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“Ghosts of Girlfriends Past” Trailer

I love Jennifer Garner, a little crush if you will. Anyway, another romantic comedy but I’ll watch almost anything she makes – does the trailer show too much though?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Hot Oprah Alert!

Check these pics out over here. My favorite is below.


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Real Housewives of OC Blog Awards

Lynne, Gretchen, and Jeana rock, the rest of them are bitches. Watch after the jump. Continue reading

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eBay Scammer Gets Judge Judy’d

Discovered this over at Fresh Hotness (site is NSFW), and it’s pretty funny cause you know that Judge Judy does not play. You try to bullshit her, she will call you on it and stick her foot up your ass just to teach you a lesson. Don’t mess with JJ cause she will fuck yo shizz up.

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You’ll Love Vince’s Nuts!

Hello, Slap Chop! Love it! Want it! Need it!

This new infomercial with Vince Offer (he’s a whole ‘nother blog), the man who brought us ShamWOW, has brought us yet another ingenious item. He proclaims to make our lives “un-boring” with this new creation, as well as making us a “skinnier” nation by slapping our fat away! I’m all for that!! Vince, sign me up! Seriously, watch this video. Vince really has a gift for selling the sarcasm and the I could give 2 shits about this product approach and I love it!!!

Keep an eye out for the blingin’ fruit!


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Osaka Bang!

Apparently, in Osaka, if you pretend to shoot someone with your finger they will most likely respond with a mock “I’ve been hit” gesture. Or in some cases, they might even retaliate with an attack of their own. “Air dart” you back!

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Koalas in Australia, The Cutest Things

These pictures come from a blog reader and contributor (to where, I’m not sure – I got the forward) Noel Bell sent these amazing photos of human–koala bear interactions taken around his home town of Melbourne. 

Southeastern Australia has been experiencing a record heat wave (up to 40 C/104 F degrees) as well as deadly bush fires. One picture is below and there are several others after the jump. 


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Attention Seattle-Area Pet Lovers

You may have heard the story of Wanda Bittner, a woman who helps pet owners put food in their dog bowls when times are tough. Well, now the owner of the Yelm animal shelter has been targeted by thieves who stole hundreds of pounds of pet food. Without that food, many people in the community will not be able to feed their animals and might have to give them up.

How can you help? If you would like to donate dog or cat food, contact the Animal Rescue and Adoption in Yelm at 360-458-3281.

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