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Justin Gaston, Pour Some Sugar On Me

We previously posted the provocative tennis pictures of Justin Gaston, and I’m still wondering why I can’t inspect his “racquet”. For safety I mean.


Well, Towleroad has a few more pictures of him from that same set and it appears that someone’s paying homage to Def Leppard, because the shredded jeans is back y’all. Throw on some acid-washed jeans for all I care, the boy is nice to look at. I’m talking “balls-deep” nice.

Below is a more literal interpretation of the post title. Click to ENLARGE.


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  1. can you tell me where i can buy jeans like the singer in def leppard had on in the “pour some sugar on me music” video?????

    Comment by andrew | June 24, 2010

  2. Oh gosh, I have no clue!

    Comment by aviewofthec | July 5, 2010

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