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ABDC – Hot ‘n Cold

Very Hot; I may astray from Fanny Pak earlier than I imagined…

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I Want To Go To There:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

For me, it’s like an episode of Morocco: Who Knew?

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I Love Dolly Parton

Is there anyone sweeter in music today? I’ve just always loved her but with each interview, it grows even more.

Watch her Larry King interview here

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Best Part of the Oscars? Two Words: Hugh Jackman

How good was Hugh Jackman last night? In fact, I wish there had been more of him!

It was so cool to have a song-and-dance man who exudes masculinity and charm, I just couldn’t get enough. Side-note: Was Beyonce singing live? It seemed less authentic than the others for some reason.

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Daily Tune-Up: Have Your Learned Your Lesson Yet?

Monday, February 23

For the last two days I’ve been explaining the role difficult people play in your life. Here is one more point that is perhaps the greatest incentive to own up to your reactions: The Light will continue sending you the same challenges until you’ve learned your lesson.

The sooner you accept these situations, and get to the root of what they’re about, the sooner the Light will stop sending you them.

Tonight, before falling asleep, think about your interactions today and how they made you feel. Understand that the discomfort was the universe helping you learn your lesson. And know that the universe will continue to give you that pain until you can look at it and accept that it’s about your growth, not the other person or situation.

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