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Happy Fat Tuesday!

Ahhh, to be pelted in the face by moon pies and beads, how splendid!!! So, what’s the deal with these baby cakes, King cakes, they freak me the hell out. Who thought it was a great idea to dig into this delicious little sucker and then find the precious baby Jesus crunching around in your mouth? I find this morbid as shit! Growing up with a Catholic side of the family I don’t know why this shocks me!? A nummy game of find baby Jesus and then you may possess special Mardi Gras powers! Mmm, fun, weird, and creepy. Those Catholics don’t disappoint! Anyway,be safe my fellow Southerners, and have a Happy Fat Tuesday, I wish you all the luck of a little baby Jesus!


bead whore

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  1. Hey Whore….

    Comment by dubyabejay | February 26, 2009

  2. what up!

    Comment by marrisalt | February 26, 2009

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