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Daily Tune Up: Minus the Calculations

Tuesday, February 24

Many times we want to give conditionally and yet expect others to give us unconditionally. The universe doesn’t work that way. When we calculate our sharing, we end up with people who do the same to us.

Find one way your sharing is limited. Let go of your expectations and just give. That’s how you can attract more unconditional people into your life.

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Happy Fat Tuesday!

Ahhh, to be pelted in the face by moon pies and beads, how splendid!!! So, what’s the deal with these baby cakes, King cakes, they freak me the hell out. Who thought it was a great idea to dig into this delicious little sucker and then find the precious baby Jesus crunching around in your mouth? I find this morbid as shit! Growing up with a Catholic side of the family I don’t know why this shocks me!? A nummy game of find baby Jesus and then you may possess special Mardi Gras powers! Mmm, fun, weird, and creepy. Those Catholics don’t disappoint! Anyway,be safe my fellow Southerners, and have a Happy Fat Tuesday, I wish you all the luck of a little baby Jesus!


bead whore

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Damn You MTV, You Got Me Again!

The new season of The Hills is upon us and here’s the first trailer for it. There’s just something about when Heidi breaks down that gets me every time. Dammit!

Watch it here

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ABDC – Hot ‘n Cold

Very Hot; I may astray from Fanny Pak earlier than I imagined…

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I Want To Go To There:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

For me, it’s like an episode of Morocco: Who Knew?

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I Love Dolly Parton

Is there anyone sweeter in music today? I’ve just always loved her but with each interview, it grows even more.

Watch her Larry King interview here

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Best Part of the Oscars? Two Words: Hugh Jackman

How good was Hugh Jackman last night? In fact, I wish there had been more of him!

It was so cool to have a song-and-dance man who exudes masculinity and charm, I just couldn’t get enough. Side-note: Was Beyonce singing live? It seemed less authentic than the others for some reason.

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Daily Tune-Up: Have Your Learned Your Lesson Yet?

Monday, February 23

For the last two days I’ve been explaining the role difficult people play in your life. Here is one more point that is perhaps the greatest incentive to own up to your reactions: The Light will continue sending you the same challenges until you’ve learned your lesson.

The sooner you accept these situations, and get to the root of what they’re about, the sooner the Light will stop sending you them.

Tonight, before falling asleep, think about your interactions today and how they made you feel. Understand that the discomfort was the universe helping you learn your lesson. And know that the universe will continue to give you that pain until you can look at it and accept that it’s about your growth, not the other person or situation.

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Kelly Clarkson New Album Track Listing – The Disc Has Leaked!

All I Ever Wanted is the name of Kelly Clarkson’s new release, and here’s a complete tracklisting. If you search hard enough, you can get a little preview of the whole release – an early standout is “Save You”, it’s just amazing. 

1.My Life Would Suck Without You

2.I Do Not Hook Up


4.Don’t Let Me Stop You

5.All I Ever Wanted

6.Already Gone

7.If I Can’t Have You

8.Save You


10.Long Shot



13.I Want You

14.If No One Will Listen

 It’s set for release on 3/10/09 and you can pre-order it here or here

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Rosie Does ‘Tyra’

Next Thursday and Friday she’s on ‘Tyra’ to support her Lifetime movie called America. You can catch a preview of the movie by clicking here. Tune in.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Rosie Does ‘Tyra’“, posted with vodpod

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Andy Cohen Interviews The Great ‘Top Chef’ Fabio

fabio1Yes, our beloved Fabio gets interviewed by Andy Cohen of Bravo and all of his charm is in tact! 

Watch after the jump. Continue reading

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Lindsay Lohan Says, “I Don’t Do Drugs”

Um, ok…I think the photog was asking about your tattoo but that’s ok, we love you anyway.

Check it here

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Who Said This?

“No. Um, well, ordinarily when you make glue first you need to thermoset your resin and then after it cools you have to mix in an epoxide, which is really just a fancy-schmancy name for any simple oxygenated adhesive, right? And then I thought maybe, just maybe, you could raise the viscosity by adding a complex glucose derivative during the emulsification process and it turns out I was right.”

Put your guess in the comments. 

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Reason 1,438,232 To Avoid Bungee-Jumping

Two words: Hell No!

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Um, Can I Get a New Partner?

“I’m not fully happy with my partner, can I get a different one?” I’m sure that’s what this pro dancer (Karina Smirnoff, not to be confused with the fancy drink) was thinking when she got Steve Wozniak as her partner for Dancing With The (Once or Never) Stars. I mean, really

dwtsSee the rest of the stunners here

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