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Rejoice: Kindle App For The iPhone!

So I was scanning all over the news last night and I came across this little nugget (hell, it’s a goldmine!) about how you can now have Kindle on your iPhone as an application. Yes, it’s a small viewing screen but it’s also FREE and in color.

kindle-iphone1Basically what you do is get the “Kindle for iPhone” application and then sign in through your Amazon account. You then order the books (which are heavily discounted) and it wirelessly sends it to your iPhone. How cool is that? 

Here’s some additional information, courtesy of the article on CNET after the jump:

When you first launch the application, it’ll prompt you for your Amazon log-in information. Enter that in, and you’re presented with the Home screen. If you already have a Kindle, like me, you’ll see an Archived items folder with all of your Kindle purchases already there for you to download.

Using Amazon’s Whisper Sync, it will also communicate with Amazon’s servers to let you keep track of where you are in a book, so you can pick up where you left off in either the Kindle or the iPhone.

Bear in mind that it won’t sync up samples–only books you’ve actually purchased. This makes me feel a little better about having a Kindle, since now I’ll be able to leave my Kindle at home and continue my reading on the iPhone, and vice versa.

Like on the Kindle e-book, you can bookmark pages, increase the font size, and access the table of contents. You can buy a book or download a sample directly to your iPhone, be it via 3G or Wi-Fi. Turning the page is as easy as swiping the iPhone’s touch screen.

From Amazon.com on the Safari browser, you can select where you want to send a sample to if you have both the Kindle and the iPhone app.

(Credit: Screenshot by Nicole Lee)

There are several important caveats, however. The iPhone Kindle application supports only books, not periodicals, so I wasn’t able to download my weekly New Yorker magazine or my daily New York Times subscription, though I guess you can just surf on over to those sites via Safari (or check out The New York Times’ iPhone app).

Also, there is currently no way to buy and browse Amazon books within the application. Instead, you’ll have to go through a Web browser, such as Safari for the iPhone. Head to the Amazon Kindle Store, buy a book, and it’ll show up on your iPhone.


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